San Diego: Car2Go's Choice For First All-Electric Car Share Service

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The City of San Diego has become the first city in North America to offer an all-electric car sharing network, thanks to Car2Go.

A fleet of more than 300 all-electric Smart ForTwo Electric Drives were present at the November 18 launch event.

A subsiduary of Daimler North America Corporation, the owners of Smart, Car2Go will allow San Diego residents and visitors access to a widely available and affordable emissions-free driving option, with everything from insurance and parking to roadside assistance included the rental price.

The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive may not suit everyone but it's a fun little ride and more than up to the task of nipping through city streets. Charging points located across the region will make it easy to use and parking should never be a problem. The cars are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Car2Go has no return time or return location requirements so when you're done with the car you can drop it off anywhere within the operating area and the Car2Go team will handle the rest.

Registration with costs $35. You'll then pay $0.35 per minute for the car, with a maximum of $12.99 per hour and $65.99 per day, plus tax. There's a 150 mile limit per rental, with additional miles charged at 45 cents each plus tax.

Want to know where one of the Smarts is parked? Find it on the Car2Go map.

The company wants to see San Diego becoming a model for other cities around the world as a way of reducing emissions and alleviating congestion, giving electric mobility to residents whenever they need it.


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Comments (4)
  1. As I recall from my grid research, San Diego rapes their citizens
    to the tune of 35 cents per kilowatthour, highest in the nation,
    high enough to make electric motoring hardly a cheaper way to go.

  2. Ramon; as i recall, oil companies rape Americans to the tune of 1.2 trillion a year.

  3. San Diego offers Electric Vehicle time-of-us rates at 1/2 that rate.

  4. My last San Diego Car2Go experience on 23 October 2012 was terrible. There were multiple problems on an intended continuous trip with stopovers, resulting in an over billing dispute, and wasted time, as much as 45 minutes, closing out the rental. Car2Go ignored 2 customer service telephone calls, 2 email messages, 1 fax, and have not yet responded to a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau. They apparently feel they can get away with such awful service. If they can treat any customer like this, they can do the same to you. If you want to stop such unacceptable business practices, call Car2Go at 877-488-4224 and ask them why they ignore a promise to respond within 24-hours to service complaints. Cite BBB file 927928. I'll update.

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