Tesla Now Trading Higher Than Ford, GM, VW After 2012 Model S Launch

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk

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It may not be delivering its much-anticipated 2012 Model S Sedan to the its first customer until the middle of next year, but Californian electric automaker Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] is now trading higher than many of its traditional gasoline rivals on the NASDAQ exchange. 

At a high-point of $24.95 so far today, the electric automaker’s shares may be some way from the $35.32 high of November 2010, but hype from the recent Model S event at the NUMMI facility in Fremont, California has helped it to receive an Overweight Rating today by stock market analysts at JP Morgan Chase & Co

What is an Overweight Rating? Simply put, it means the company stocks are expected to outperform those expected in its industry or sector, returning an above-average return compared to similar companies.  

And thanks to financial uncertainty elsewhere in the world, Tesla’s shares are now worth more than shares in larger, multinational automakers like Volkswagen [NASDAQ:VLKAY}, General Motors [NASDAQ:GM], Nissan [NASDAQ:NSANY] and Ford [NASDAQ:F].

Tesla Model S Alpha build

Tesla Model S Alpha build

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Although Tesla still has some big challenges ahead of it, the invitation-only Model S event in Fremont over the weekend appears to have convinced buyers, and some analysts that it is capable of bringing the 2012 Model S to market.

We attended the event, and already have our first ride report written up for you to read -- as well as some new details about the car Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Saturday

We’ll be bringing you more from Fremont and the 2012 Model S Launch this week, so follow GreenCarReports on Facebook and Twitter to get the very latest news on Tesla and this much-anticipated car. 

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Comments (5)
  1. The more relevant metric would be market cap, which puts Tesla 10x smaller than the Ford, Volkswagen, and Nissan

  2. Amen, this has to be the stupidest post ever at Green Car Reports. It makes you look stupid -- and the rest of the blog shows you guys to be very non-stupid. Please do better than this.

  3. Yes, I have to agree with both previous posts; the critical measurement is market capitalization, not share price... A big miss from an otherwise stellar site.

  4. "And thanks to financial uncertainty elsewhere in the world, Tesla’s shares are now worth more than shares in larger, multinational automakers like Volkswagen"

    This is still completely, hopelessly wrong and wrong headed. Can we please get an update that reflects reality. Share price is absolutely meaningless. It has no reflection on value. Share price can be changed on a whim or fiat regardless of the value of the company. It happens all the time. Growing companies will have stock splits to revalue the share price, and failing companies will reverse their splits to make share prices higher, completely capricious. Companies worth billions of dollars could have a share a price of $12 or $112,000 (Charles Schwab - Berkshire)

  5. So, it's 50 days later, with a 28% price gain. How's that grab ya? When the Model X is revealed, expect the same again.

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