Welcome To The All-New, Redesigned Green Car Reports!

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Green Car Reports redesign launch graphic

Green Car Reports redesign launch graphic

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It's here! It's done! It's live!

Yes, you are now reading the all-new, totally redesigned Green Car Reports, with our sister site All Cars Electric incorporated to provide the in-depth electric car coverage it's always been known for.

As always, our goal is to provide the best, more comprehensive coverage of green cars. The new design offers better access to breaking news, more related stories, better photo galleries, and further updates to the new comment system that we launched back in May.

We've tried to make the design a little more sophisticated, cleaner, and easier to use, while giving you more relevant information about the topics you're interested in.

The navigation, above, has popup windows, so you can see a wider range of options within each broad category.

For the new All Cars Electric readers joining us for the first time, we welcome you! You'll see the familiar yellow logo right on the navigation bar, so you know right where to go if you want to focus just on electric-car content.

We hope, of course, that you'll also choose to explore the rest of the site, even including some of the articles about cars that don't have plugs.

Finally, we think it's easier than ever to share articles you like across various social media platforms, from Facebook to Twitter and Google +1 to LinkedIn.

So what's a green car? It's one with better gas mileage than its competitors, whether it uses a conventional gasoline or diesel engine or has a hybrid powertrain.

It may also plug into the wall to recharge a battery pack, whether it's a plug-in hybrid (e.g. 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In), an extended-range electric car (e.g. Chevy Volt), or a battery electric vehicle (e.g. Nissan Leaf).

Within our coverage, we'll also look at some of the issues in energy, public policy, and buying behavior that affect the cars we're being offered, and how we choose among them.

The redesign project has involved many, many people at High Gear Media, from engineers to editors, designers to product managers. We're especially grateful to our hard-working and usually unseen developers: You know who you are, and we thank you.

Let us know in the Comments below, or drop us a note using the links at the top, if you have any questions, comments, or problems with the new site.

And now, back to our usual green-car programming!


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Comments (5)
  1. I love this new look for the site. Very nice design!

  2. The new site looks fantastic, excellent work!

  3. I was actually a big fan of the old format which I thought was one of the best in the business. This new format...not so much. Maybe it just takes some getting used to though.

  4. having lived in Mexico since 1983 I have seen an exponential growth of PEMEX gas stations, and I do mean "Exponential" growth, and here, in the city of Durango, Mexico, the traffic signs/signals are so poorly designed that you remain waiting at corners or on thourofares not for seconds, but I´ve timed a number of them up to FIVE (5) minutes while ALL the cars sit burning fuel needlessly. The people here are a sad lot. They don´t care. Oh, and whilest sitting at a stop signal, usually you get lungs filled with smoke and fumes from one of the numerous buses (usually in exceedingly poor condition, esteticlly and mechanically).
    "WE" tried to propose the use of hybrid or electric transportation to the local government, state government as well a

  5. I just changed my email address, user name, and account name.
    To begin a resubsription process, I just unsubscribed to "All cars electric". Now how do I get it for my new address, etc.?

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