Tesla Pops Up, State Electric-Car Fees, Obama Delayed: Today's Car News

Tesla Pops Up, State Electric-Car Fees, Obama Delayed: Today's Car News

We look at vacation car-rental dilemmas, state electric-car fees, and yet another innovation from California carmaker Tesla Motors. All this and more today on Green Car Reports. Tesla takes a page from the retail industry and opens its first "popup store" to sell electric cars in Santa Barbara. Who... read more

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Neradlize eRadiator

Computers To Heat Your Home? Startup Nerdalize Distributes Server Farms To Dutch Residences

Most discussions of alternative energy tend to focus on natural sources, such as wind and solar. Perhaps it's fitting that we tend to look to nature as an antidote for the... read more May 25, 2015 by 

Sir Stirling Moss in his Renault Twizy electric car, London, May 2015

New Prius Efficiency, Gigafactory Flyover, Famous Electric-Car Driver: The Week In Reverse (Video)

Which famous race driver turns out to love driving his electric car around London? And, what really gigantic object did a drone fly over, and shoot video of, last weeknd?... read more May 23, 2015 by 

Audi Q7 e-tron

Audi Q6 e-Tron Electric SUV, Chrysler e-AWD, CT Electric-Car Incentives: Today's Car News

Today, Audi confirms production of its all-electric SUV for 2018, Chrysler mulls electric all-wheel drive for its next minivan, and Connecticut unveils electric-car... read more May 22, 2015 by 

2016 Volvo XC90 T8 'Twin Engine' plug-in hybrid, Spain, Feb 2015

2016 Volvo XC90 Level 2 Charging, 2015 BMW i8 Sales, Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Today's Car News

Today, read about 240-volt Level 2 charging for the 2016 Volvo XC90 T8 "Twin Engine" plug-in hybrid SUV, the end of dealer markups for the 2015 BMW i8 coupe, and the... read more May 21, 2015 by 

Oil field (Image: Flickr user johnny choura, used under CC license)

IMF: Fossil Fuels Subsidies Are $5.3 Trillion A Year If Climate Costs Included

Climate change doesn't just present an environmental threat to human populations, it also has a tangible economic impact. Governments must invest in measures to combat... read more May 21, 2015 by 

2013 Nissan Leaf

Tesla Door-Handle Failure, Toyota Prius Battery Theft, Nissan Leaf Buyout Incentive: Today's Car News

Today, Consumer Reports shows Tesla Model S door-handle issues haven't been completely expunged, Toyota Prius hybrid battery packs become the target of thieves in San... read more May 20, 2015 by 

2015 Chevrolet Volt

Tesla Gigafactory Drone Flyover, CA Plug-In Hybrid Green Stickers, German 'Eco Lane': Today's Car News

Today, we have a drone flyover of the Tesla "Gigafactory" site in Nevada, an update on California's green carpool-lane stickers for plug-in hybrids, and a German state's... read more May 19, 2015 by 

Autobahn, Kamener Kreuz, Rush Hour (photo by Dirk Vorderstraße)

German State To Test City 'Eco Lane' For Cleanest Cars, Carpools

Carpool lanes have been an accepted part of the landscape in California for more than 40 years now. But they're less well-known in Europe, where bus lanes have taken priority... read more May 19, 2015 by 

SolaRoad solar bicycle lane, The Netherlands

Solar Panels On Dutch Bike Lane Produce More Power Than Planned

Apparently, solar panels aren't just for roofs anymore. The Dutch company SolaRoad has long planned to build bike paths and roadways with embedded solar panels, using... read more May 19, 2015 by 

2016 Fiat 500X, Bear Mountain State Park, NY, May 2015

2016 Fiat 500X Driven, 2016 Chevy Camaro Turbo Four, Hyperloop Test Track: Today's Car News

Today we have a drive report of the 2016 Fiat 500X small crossover, a first look at the lightened 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and its new efficiency-focused four-cylinder... read more May 18, 2015 by 

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept, 2015 Wörthersee Tour

May Deals, VW Plug-In Sports Car, Tesla Update: The Week In Reverse (Video)

We round up green-car deals for the month, Volkswagen teases what it could do with a high-performance plug-in, and Tesla hints about its future. It’s the week in... read more May 16, 2015 by 

Gas pump

Next Toyota Prius Spied, Tesla Automated Passing, Higher Gas Taxes: Today's Car News

Today, we have video of what could be the next-generation Toyota Prius, a vague update on Tesla's latest tech feature, and why higher gas taxes could be an effective way to... read more May 15, 2015 by 

2015 Mazda CX-5 GT

2015 Ford Focus EcoBoost Driven, VW Golf GTE Sport Plug-In Hybrid, Mazda & Toyota Pact: Today's Car News

Today, we have the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport performance plug-in hybrid concept that will debut at the annual Wörthersee festival in Austria, an agreement between Mazda... read more May 14, 2015 by 

2011 Tesla Roadster Sport. Photo by Joe Nuxoll.

Tesla MI Ban 'Protectionism,' Biofuel Carbon Footprint, CO Credit for Used Electric Cars: Today's Car News

Today, the Federal Trade Commission criticizes Michigan's ban of Tesla direct sales, a new study questions whether biofuels are really carbon neutral, and the quirk of... read more May 13, 2015 by 

2015 Infiniti Q50

Tesla Powerwall Findings, Green Car Deals, Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Driver Impressions: Today's Car News

Today, we tell you what we learned about Powerwall home batteries from Tesla's first-quarter results call, show you the best green-car deals for May 2015, and relay early... read more May 11, 2015 by 


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