Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid Wagon Prototype: First Test Drive (Video)

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V60 PHEV First Drive

V60 PHEV First Drive

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A few weeks ago we were invited to the Challenge Bibendum - an auto-industry event devoted to fuel economy and green vehicles - in order to drive the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid Station Wagon.

We’ve already shared our own first drive report with you, but now it’s time to share our video review of the same test-drive. 

The car we drove was only a prototype of the V60 PHEV, but the final version of the V60 PHEV promises an all-electric range of around 30 miles, an extended range of up to 745 miles and a fuel economy as good as 124 miles per gallon from its combined diesel engine and electric motor.

In addition, Volvo promises the V60 PHEV has been designed to tow up to 2 tons and carry five adults and their luggage - something no other plug-in vehicle can officially accomplish at present. 

Sadly, the V60 PHEV won’t be heading to the U.S. in its current form, since Volvo feels the U.S. market is not ready for a diesel plug-in hybrid yet. 

However, we’ve been told that Volvo plans to use the V60 PHEV as a test-platform to help it develop more plug-in hybrids, some of which may be destined for the U.S. market, making the V60 PHEV an important demonstration vehicle for what we might expect in future years.


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Comments (4)
  1. Come on Volvo... bring it here. NOW.

  2. "U.S. market is not ready..."(?) Baloney! I'm still nursing my '95 Audi waiting for the V60. My checkbook is ready. I agree with Andy - bring it here NOW!!!!

  3. This is pretty much my ideal car. A plugin diesel-electric AWDish wagon is one of the few vehicles that I would consider paying $41.5k for. Just so long as it has a trailer hitch (for bike racks and a 4'x8' utility trailer) and it's easy to vacuum cheerios out of the cupholders, and kids and carseats don't stain/damage the uphulstury easily. That's the kind of car I could own for 20 years.
    I live in Illinois.

  4. Brilliant Estate Car! Let's hope the production version isn't too far away or that Volvo decides not to make it due to OPEC dropping oil prices and therefore killing off those prototypes that still haven't gone production such as this one.

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