Gas Prices Rising: Driving Tips, Simple Repairs Boost Mileage (Infographic)

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Gas Prices on the Rise, infographic used courtesy of AutoMD

Gas Prices on the Rise, infographic used courtesy of AutoMD

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We have to admit, we're fond of infographics.

This one has three simple parts. It looks at gas prices--which recently rose to an average of $4 a gallon before ebbing slightly--showing national average prices for both three grades of gasoline and for diesel fuel.

Then it suggests some driving tips to increase your gas mileage. For our money, the most important one translates to, "Don't drive like an idiot."

In other words, accelerate gently, plan ahead so you can coast down to slower speeds rather than jamming on your brakes, and keep your speed to the posted limit--or even below, if it's safe.

Finally, the infographic shows a few repair tips you may want to consider.

We're not so sure about the spark-plug one--modern spark plugs in late-model cars are astoundingly long-lived--but they're good to know, if nothing else.

(Though one day soon your spark plugs may even be replaced by lasers.)

In any case, check out the graphic and let us know what you think of it.

Leave us your thoughts in our new and improved Comments section below.

[infographic used with permission of AutoMD]


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Comments (3)
  1. I find some of these suggestions rather unsatisfying. The tire pressure suggestion is great because it is easy to know if the pressure is wrong.

    Replacing gas caps, spark plugs, and air filters, it seems more difficult to know if they really need replacing.

    Also, low rolling resistance tires are great, but tire manufacturers don't seem to provide CRR numbers so I don't know how you can compare various tires. Consumer report provides some guidance but not much.
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  2. My wife's car (02 Suzuki Aerio SX 5sp) needed new tires so I went with Kumho's LRRs. Mileage went up 2 mpg, quite happy with the results. The best mileage I've obtained in 36 mpg hypermiling to work with it, I think 40 mpg is possible now with the new tires.
    I'm running 30 psi in her tires. I might bumped it up to 35 psi and see what happens
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  3. Ecodriving (aka hypermiling) can increase your fuel economy quite a lot. And, fairly simple aerodynamic improvements add a lot, as well. My year round mileage is 50% higher than the EPA Combined number; my car is a Scion xA rated at 30MPG Combined, and I am averaging about 45MPG including during the New England winter, when the *worst* I get is ~40MPG.

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