First Photos: 2011 Toyota Prius Station Wagon!

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Toyota Prius station wagon, from

Toyota Prius station wagon, from

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We've written before that Toyota plans to introduce more Prius body styles to expand the reach of its most recognized and iconic hybrid car.

Now, our sister site has uncovered three photos of a possible 2011 Toyota Prius station wagon.

One comes from a blog called Woody's Car Site, which reproduced the image of a Toyota Prius Plug-In in station wagon from BestCar, a Kanji-language magazine from Japan. Two other Japanese media images of a Prius wagon came via

Toyota Prius station wagon, from

Toyota Prius station wagon, from

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Toyota Prius Plug-In Wagon, from BestCar via Woody's Car Site

Toyota Prius Plug-In Wagon, from BestCar via Woody's Car Site

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toyota hybrid x concept 001

toyota hybrid x concept 001

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Real Prius, or artist's rendering?

We're not sure whether any of the photos shows real vehicles, or whether they're only artists' renderings. But the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri said in a recent article that Toyota plans to sell a larger Prius, either a station wagon or sport utility vehicle, by the end of next year.

The newspaper also says the new Prius variant will use lithium-ion cells, rather than the nickel-metal-hydride battery pack used in every one of the more than 1 million Toyota Prius models built thus far.

High-tail Hybrid X concept

It's hardly a secret that Toyota has a number of high-tail designs. At the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, its Hybrid X concept took the look to new heights in a low, sleek form that could be viewed as either a station wagon or a hatchback.

As for the eagerly awaited plug-in Prius, Toyota will provide 150 test versions each to European and U.S. fleets. The first Prius Plug-Ins will be delivered before 2010, but Toyota has resolutely refused to say when retail customers might get their hands on one.

Would you want one?

While station wagon or "estate" versions of hatchbacks are popular in Europe, the phrase "station wagon" seems to be viewed as the kiss of death here in the U.S.

So we're eager to survey our readers to learn your views.

Tell us: Would you go for a 2011 Toyota Prius station wagon over the 2010 Toyota Prius hatchback version? Give us your thoughts in the comments, below.

32 10 prius

32 10 prius

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[Woody's Car Site,,, Yahoo News via GreenCarReports]

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Comments (39)
  1. I would buy a toyota prius wagon if the design looked integrated like the x concept rather than tacked on to the existing prius design. also fuel economy should be not much different

  2. Wagon - yes.
    SUV -no.
    Defintely prefer wagons over regular sedans or SUVs. Why drive a gas guzzler. I wish Toyota & Honda would bring back wagons, instead of these crossovers.

  3. I want one! I've been waiting for a hybrid wagon forever. I agree about wagons v. crossovers. Bring back wagons! Now, I have to decide if I should wait, or buy the 2010 and then trade in if/when it comes out.

  4. Yes I would prefer the wagon. It's bad enough that the "US" makers have abandoned the wagon, but Toyota and Honda still have them in Europe. Why not in the United States? Why only VW and MB?

  5. Efficiency has been increased in mechanical and electrical/electronic systems and in aerodynamics. Although instantly identifiable as a Toyota Prius, just about everything engine, hybrid drivetrain, chassis platform, body, and interior is brand-new or significantly improved.

  6. The hybrid cars now a days leading the automotive industries. All automotive company are racing to become the top company in developing hybrid vehicles.
    Recently the GM is leading in producing the Hybrid cars. Toyota is also one step back in the race.
    I hope these all new car launch by Toyota, Help Toyota to be top of the Hill.

  7. Hybrid wagons, dang its about time!!!!! Ive been waiting to buy a new car since 2003, I still have my stupid Kia Rio Cinco. Its been a good little station wagon but I need better mileage and ROOM of a station wagon be4 I put out the cash! Bout time!

  8. Heck yeah! As a dog owner, I need that wagon feature. Started with a sedan as a dog owner, and now own a subaru wagon, and could never go back. Still waiting for the outback hybrid, or diesel 4WD wagon, or hybrid wagon, or something! The best combo for me would be 4WD/hybrid or diesel/wagon (not SUV). I don't really even care who makes it... they do make Audi Quattro wagons in Europe but those are out of my price range.

  9. Toyota, it seems have the best cars that are hybrid and as we all know these cars are the cars of the future. As we cannot keep polluting our environment Toyota are making great steps to prevent this. Toyota cars for sale are becoming more and more common were i am from and i hope there ideas help them become a leading brand in the car industry.

  10. Yes, I definitely would be interested in a Prius SW. I'm driving and will keep my '08 Prius, but will be shopping for a new car in summer of '10. I'll likely start to try and deal on a '10 Prius IV, unless the plug in becomes available for '11.

  11. NO! Inever have driven a stationwagen, suv, van or pickup and never will. The sedan is very adequate for any purpose. I drive 36k per year and get along just fine. I own an 09 and 10. And will get an 11. No trouble either!

  12. Would absolutely love to have a wagon! Call it whatever you like if "station wagon" is unmarketable, but build it low. I don't like the high or wide feel of a SUV or crossovers. Currently driving a Golf on it's last legs waiting for the rumored Prius wagon.

  13. I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute and hope to wait another two years before replacing it. I like it because I can carry my bike, skis, camping equipment, and other large items that wouldn't fit in a regular car. I've decided that I can probably do all of the above with a station wagon and look forward to a "hybrid." I don't think any other car makers have made the same advances that Toyota has and am looking forward to seeing this vehicle on the market.

  14. they are very good and useful!!!

  15. Finally! I've been waiting for years for a good station wagon from Toyota! By the way, I was in an accident on the freeway years ago in a smallish station wagon; my car spun in circles and another vehicle (Jeep) rolled. Of course, the difference was that my car was way closer to the ground. Station wagons are MUCH safer than most cars.

  16. Oh man, AWD Prius WAGON would be fantastic. I love the MPG but if it snows Id MUCH rather be safe than anything else. I need the space of a wagon, the mileage of a hybrid and the safety of AWD. Some day maybe, sniff.

  17. OH YES!!! about time Toyota added to the Prius line.
    Good improvement in the 2010 model, but need more updating. Lets go with the concept model and knock everyone's socks off.

  18. Wagon hybrid is exactly what we keep waiting for. We don't need an SUV, but a sedan won't work for us either. The 2010 hatchback is still just a little bit too small. If a wagon becomes available in 2011, it could break my tradition of waiting for a used one to come on the market.

  19. *sigh* I guess it'll do. I keep waiting for the hybrid minivan, since I usually need 6+ seats.

  20. The Prius Station Wagon Plug In would be the perfect car. The station wagon would have better visability out the back window and much more room for luggage inside with similar mileage and ride. I like the concept Toyoto has of the smaller Li-ON battery since it will be good for short around town trips and can be recharged with existing 110V outlets but you'll still burn out the gas on longer trips (not a problem for the Leaf but could be for the Volt) so the gas will not get stale and varnish up the engine). The Prius plug in would be very capable for short trips on electric only but still allow using the same car for long distance travel (not option for Leaf).

  21. I'm excited for the wagon, but would much prefer a hybrid minivan or truck!!!

  22. I would definitely consider Prius wagon. I am driving a 94 Saturn wagon and don't know if it will hold up for another year (Just hit 190,000). I love the ease of getting groceries, bags of mulch, etc in and out of a wagon rather than a trunk! Can I be so picky as to say I don't like the small windows in back?

  23. Would love to see a capable, functional Prius wagon! Won't buy something stylish but cramped (see Magnum). Definitely interested in a wagon version if it is spacious and utilitarian. YES.

  24. This Toyota Prius station wagon hybrid is well designed car i really like the interrior

  25. Just what we've been waiting for!! Our 2006 Prius is great, but we could use more interior space on long trips. We'll be looking forward to the new model.

  26. Would love to get a Prius wagon. Have a 2007 Prius and love it but wagon would be better. Also how about a Matrix hybrid?????

  27. I would love a hybrid true wagon rather than one of those "crossover SUVs" (which always seem to be very expensive, sit up high and have V-6 engines). I currently drive a Subaru legacy L wagon. I use my car to commute on the weekdays and drive the dogs (in medium sized dog crates) to agility events on weekends, so I need something that is versatile and affordable and definitely more fuel efficient that the Subaru.

  28. Sure...a wagon is great. But the mileage would have to be closer to the hatchback to make the switch. So what if Americans don't generally like wagons...we Prius owners have already proven we're out for more than just looks or common sense by buying a Prius instead of a cheaper, MUCH quicker gasoline cost pay-back Corollas.

  29. Brace yourself soccermoms of the world ... hold on ... but a suv/crossover is nothinh but a beefed up station wagon. Now, the big secret is out ! I've had wagons forever, and yes I'd buy a Prius, good job Toyota. The only thing that *all need to look at is a small hybrid pickup, may be something like a '60s van based pickup like the Corvair.

  30. Whether you call it a station wagon or something else, I have been waiting for a hybrid vehicle such as this to review and possibly replace my Ford Escort station wagon. Hopefully the fuel economy would be the same as the Prius sedan and not diminished substantially. The station wagon concept offers increased volume for transport of large items.

  31. I want a Prius CONVERTIBLE!!!!!!

  32. I do want a vehicle large enough for our needs and affordable. A station wagon is larger than a sedan but does not consume much more fuel.
    I take a station wagon any day.

  33. The term "station wagon" is not the "kiss of death" to me. It is a logical extention for smaller cars; what other configuration would the owner addtional utility space, and still give reasonable mileage. Small station wagons are the way to go. Ford, Chevrolet need to respond to this -- Toyota and Hyndai (Elantra wagon). The more small wagons the better, and YES, I would buy this over the Prius hatchback!

  34. I agree with the majority.A station wagon

  35. My 2003 Prius has been a real joy to own and drive. Could never get used to the body style of the 2004 thru 2010. Would love to see, and probably buy the wagon. Far more practical than the current hatchback style with the rear window treatment that cuts visibility. Now if I could get the car pool sticker like I have on the '03 that would really be great

  36. Absolutely, as long as it's not ugly. We need something with great fuel economy and decent cargo capacity, and have been waiting a long time for something like this. I think this will be a very popular car here in California.

  37. Yes we would buy a wagon. Need one right now. We have a 2007 Prius now and need more cargo space to use the vehicle for our business. We would hope a wagon would equal or come close in miles per gallon; but my guess is that it would surpass in mpg any other comparable vehicle on the road.

  38. I currently own a 2008 VW Passat 2.0T Station Wagon. that delivers 30+ mpg on the highway. I will probably keep it forever unless a diesel-hybrid, plug-in electric 50 mpg station wagon is introduced. To me, estate/station wagons hit the 'sweet spot' amongst ALL motor vehicles for appeal, value, and usefulness.

  39. A a baby boomer, I'm hopefully looking forward to a more nostalgic looking Prius station wagon. I want the reliability of Toyota and gas mileage of Prius. I would also like a much better color selection, i.e. pale blue, pastel yellow - something for a Granny!!!

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