Audi R8 e-Tron Concept Pictures Leaked

Due to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show tomorrow, images of the Audi R8 e-Tron concept have slipped out a day ahead of its unveiling.

Many reports are claiming that the vehicle in the pictures is called the R8 e-Tron and it's based off of the existing Audi R8 supercar.  The images appear to display what insiders believe to be an fully electric R8.

Distinctions between the standard R8 and the e-Tron concept are subtle, but noticeable.  The images show a new front grill and front fascia displaying LED headlights.  Different wheels and a reworked rear end are also found on the e-Tron.

Additional images of the interior of the vehicle show a center console with two different screens one of which is for navigation and the other for the rear view camera.

Though Audi as a company denied the importance of electric vehicles, they have been keen at building speculation about a possible electric car to be revealed in Frankfurt.  Audi launched a website called to count down to the show tomorrow morning.  The site features the phrase "What happened to electricity?"

Pictures of the vehicle reveal a strong likelihood that this is indeed the electric model to expect from Audi at the show.  The vehicle's lack of front end ventilation for a radiator supports the thinking that this vehicle is fully electric. 

Audi will try to position the vehicle as a rival to the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept and the Mercedes SLS AMG eDrive models both of which will be on display in Frankfurt. 

We will provide additional details about the R8 e-Tron concept after the official unveiling tomorrow in Frankfurt.

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Comments (4)
  1. What a nice name !
    E-tron, certainly they will not sell it with this name in any french-speaking country :)

  2. I hate to write that but what zikzak wrotes make me think not about cars but about most Audi drivers in my country. They all believe that they bought the road with their car.
    A nice car however.

  3. Only idiots would be interested in that car.

  4. Looks like this design was lifted from one of the coroflot portfolios, some how I doubt he got credit for it, too many coincidences.

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