Aluminum Vehicles Save More Energy Than It Takes To Build Them

Aluminum Vehicles Save More Energy Than It Takes To Build Them

So, you've done the right thing: You've decided your next car will be considerably more fuel-efficient than the one you drive now. That's great news. But, have you considered how it's built--and more to the point, what it's built out of? A new peer-reviewed paper from the Oak Ridge National... read more

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Ford Atlas Concept revealed at 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Next Ford F-150: Advanced Materials Likely, Hybrid Powertrain Possible

The new Atlas Concept that Ford Motor Co. [NYSE: F] unveiled at Detroit this past week revealed several interesting technologies that altogether could save fuel (active... read more January 19, 2013 by  4

2014 Mazda6 world premiere  -  2012 Moscow Motor Show

Mazda: We Want Each New Car To Be 220 Pounds Lighter

While all automakers realise the benefits of making their cars lighter, it's only been relatively recently that some models have actually weighed less than their... read more August 7, 2012 by  1

A lightweight Lotus chassis

Lotus Shows Carmakers How To Shed The Pounds, CARB Agrees

There's a phrase oft-quoted in the automotive world when the topic of lighter cars is discussed. The phrase, "add lightness", originated from Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus... read more May 22, 2012 by  5

MercedesSport E-Class Individualization

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Top Model Goes Carbon Fiber In 2015

The launch of a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is always important, given the influence the car has in the luxury sedan sector. We'd be hard-pressed to call it exciting though... read more January 17, 2012 by  1

Ford's chocolate inspired plastic

Ford Boosting Mileage With Lightweight Construction Inspired By Chocolate Bar

Tightening fuel efficiency and emissions regulations all around the world are pushing automakers to find any way they can to make their cars greener, downsizing engines... read more April 4, 2011 by  3


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