2014 Nissan Leaf: Minor Changes For Nissan's Electric Car

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2013 Nissan Leaf

2013 Nissan Leaf

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Nissan has announced its full list of changes for the 2014 Nissan Leaf--and as you'd expect, less than a year after the revised 2013 model debuted, it's fairly small.

The updates are largely detail changes to equipment levels, everything else continuing pretty much as the 2013 model left it.

RearView Monitor, Nissan's backup camera system, is now standard on all grades, S, SV and SL.

Also standard on relevant models is an updated EV-IT system, Nissan's dedicated information technology system for electric vehicles. The system now includes voice destination entry and SMS readout.

The minor changes join the larger roster of technical upgrades the Leaf received earlier this year, to coincide with production at Nissan's Smyrna, Tennessee plant.

Those included a new entry-level S grade with a reduced price--now starting at $29,650 including an $850 destination charge--a 6.6 kW on-board charger, and an improved CARWINGS telematics system.

Range also increased from 73 to 75 miles, while the 2013 and 2014 Leafs have a combined EPA economy rating of 115 MPGe--or 29 kWh per 100 miles.

NOTE: After this was published, Nissan updated its website to indicate that the 2014 would be available in December 2013--not October as initially stated.

The 2014 Nissan Leaf is available October 2013.


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Comments (19)
  1. Did Nissan "detune" the car farther?

    Nissan "slowed down" the 2013 model for the sake of range compared with 2012/2011 model without telling the public until recently.

  2. Don't all models output the exact same max power, 80kW?

  3. But the tunning curve of the pedal response can impact your acceleration.

    That topic has been covered by Plugin.com already...

  4. Wow that is horrible, why did they do that? Eco mode dials it back anyway. 80KW isn't much anyway, they should offer a 110KW model.

  5. Another interesting topic is that you keep hearing about how Leaf is in shortage while if you do a quick search on the Nissan website with zip code for the SF Bay Area dealers, you will see TONS of available inventory. The dealers in my area (North Bay) has at least 25-30 Leaf per dealer. Some SJ area dealers have up to 50 Leaf in stock.

    I think the problem is distribution of the Leaf, not the inventory of Leaf as a whole. Also, recently CA sales of Leaf has dropped to only 27% of the entire Leaf sales from the old 50% of the market. That is a good sign for the Leaf/Nissan, but Nissan hasn't adjusted its inventory allocation to reflect that.

    You wonder why...

  6. Also, if the S trim is in huge demand and other trims are unsold, it really means that Nissan wasn't intended to sell the cheaper model. It was really a model just to get customers into doors. Apparently, they have underestimated the demand for the lower price model (which generates the LEAST amount of profit comparing to the higher trim model for Nissan).

    If Nissan really wants to lower the price and spread the sales, they would have produced mostly the low end S trim instead...

  7. Are Leaf sales slowing ?, Volt sales are up thanks to the $4k help from Chevy.

  8. Appears to be "regional" issue or uneven inventory issue. If you look at SF Bay Area Nissan dealers, there are plenty of Leaf in stock. I think the lowest priced S trim is what is in demand and short on supply. I believe that is also what the $199/month lease is really for.

  9. A quick search on the NorthBay Nissan (the first Leaf for SF Bay Area was sold there), it shows 12 trim S, 12 SV and 4 SL.

    In Steven Creek Nissan (Santa Clara), it shows an inventory of 50 (6 S, 23 SV, 21 SL).

    In Boardwalk Nissan of Redwood City, it shows an inventory of 70 (12 S, 43 SV and 17 SL).

    Nissan of Oakland shows an inventory of 27 and Premier Nissan of San Jose shows an inventory of 31. Nissan of Sunnyvale shows an inventory of 53. Nissan of SF shows an inventory of 27. Dublin Nissan shows an inventory of 20.

    Those are just few examples from the SF Bay Area, that is over 300 Leaf already for about 8 dealers. Of course, those a higher volume dealers so it is possible that they have more cars on the lot.

  10. Also, to be fair, there are typically 60-70 Altima sedans in those dealer lots as well...

  11. I purchased my 2011 #NissanLEAF used and have been keeping a diary about the experience. #EV curious? Follow along! http://EVearlyAdopter.blogspot.com

  12. hi antony,

    i think it would be a good idea if you guys set up a permanent link that would display the prices of all the various evs.

    what sort of rebates are available, etc.

  13. Thanks for the comment EV enthusiast - we did have one at one point, but it probably needs updating now so we'll get on it.

  14. I find it interesting Nissan hasn't made major changes to their EVs. Speculation on my part; but, I believe they are following the old tried and true method of maximizing profits on a model, i.e., don't make a major improvement until sales fall greatly on the old model. Then, bring out the changes that are necessary to increase sales. No doubt there will be a new battery.

    There is a plus for the owners who keep their older cars in that the more the models keep the same or similar running gear and batteries, the better the market for an aftermarket battery company to sell upgraded, rebuilt batteries.

    Longer distance batteries will turn the used Leaf into a much desired car since the batteries are the major determining factor in pricing.

  15. Wonderful. NOT! The same 96 defective battery cell system is being installed. This is just window dressing for the problem Nissan refuses to acknowledge, or correct. Don't buy this if you live in the hot desert.

  16. Hasn't Nissan acknowledged the issue by 1) buying back the vehicles of people who were not happy with it, 2) offering a retroactive capacity warranty to all owners?

    Next, what makes you think that Nissan has not made any change to newer models, or that it would knowingly install defective parts, especially now that it has extended its warranty to levels no other EV manufacturer offer?

  17. I still wouldn't buy it if you live in a hot desert. They are only obligated to repair the battery to 70%.


    Once your warranty is up it's unknown if you would be able to purchase a replacement battery (although they have announced a tentative plan to lease you a battery for $100/month forever)

  18. "especially now that it has extended its warranty to levels no other EV manufacturer offer? "

    Unless you are accusing Volt as not being your definition of "EV". GM offered capacity warranty on the Volt long before Nissan did ANYTHING.

  19. I wonder if they're putting "B" mode on all the levels of car too. With the 2013 model, "B" mode is only available on the SL or SV models, even with the 6kW charger upgrade.

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