2014 Ford Focus Electric Gets $4,000 Price Cut To Boost Sales

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Ford might have ignored the 2014 Focus Electric when it updated its range for the 2014 model year, but one aspect has finally changed: The price.

That has now dropped by $4,000, to a starting MSRP of $35,200, down from $39,200.

The change hasn't yet been reflected on Ford's website--which shows the original pricing. Until you click on the 'View window sticker (pdf)' text, that is, which highlights the new pricing alongside the car's efficiency ratings, which remain unchanged.

These prices don't include Ford's delivery charges, which amount to $795. This brings the new net price to $35,995, and if you're eligible, you can then subtract the $7,500 Federal income-tax credit, and any state or local incentives like California's $2,500 purchase rebate.

"The 2014 Focus Electric offers customers a fully-contented, all-electric vehicle option," Ford's Amanda Zusman told Green Car Reports.

"The new starting MSRP of $35,200 keeps us competitive inthe marketplace and is animportant part of our commitment to provide customers with a range of electrified vehicles to choose from."

It isn't only the price that seems to have dropped, either.

As Inside EVs notes, the Focus Electric's 6.6 kW, 240-volt charging time has reduced from 4 hours to 3.6 hours. Range remains the same, an EPA-rated 76 miles, while the car retains its 105 MPGe combined economy--or 32 kWh/100 miles.

So, though the Focus Electric may be unloved by Ford, a lower price may see it loved a little more by customers.

Will a $4,000 saving tempt you away from that Nissan Leaf and into a Focus Electric? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Comments (24)
  1. I own a Ford Focus electric. Best car I have every driven in my entire life. The interior is luxurious for a Ford Focus with all the features of a higher priced car. the finishing touches of the exterior paint, the dashboard controls, the high end Michelin nitrogen filled tires, the leather seats, the Navigation system, upgraded Microsoft-Ford Sync System and other countless features in the graphics and driving mode information provided is priceless. Only The Model S Tesla exceeds the Ford Focus in dashboard features and in range. The liquid cooled ion lithium batteries and its 8 yr warranty provide a reliable power train that outpaces any other brand of its category. The acceleration is so impressive and quiet that I believe it mimics Por

  2. Ford Focus Electric is a nice car, but it doesn't have the best range. At least 3 other electric car have longer electric range beside the Tesla. Also, it doesn't warranty capacity loss for the battery.

    I agree the liquid cooled battery will do far better in the long run in the heat. But there is no capacity warranty like the Leaf or the Volt.

    Its acceleration is also in the 9 second range. About the same as Leaf.

  3. So, it still would cost a lot more than the Leaf, have virtually the same range, and a fraction of the storage space?

    Um, no.

  4. For those of us living in the southern USA who regularly see battery temperatures in the 90+ degrees range, which NOW apparently Nissan claims is "extreme," Ford's sensible decision to employ a TMS is looking very appealing. The question isn't so much whether to dump the Leaf, it is more like "when." End of lease cannot come soon enough for many of us.

  5. But doesn't Nissan warranty your capacity? (I know, still bad since it only gives you 70% of the range)

    Ford doesn't warranty its battery capacity.

  6. No. Nissan doesn't really warranty capacity in any way that is useful to most affected consumers. The only real benefit to the Leaf over the Focus IMO is the QC option, so if you are on the road a lot, not being able to charge up during lunch can really be a problem. But even when having to use CQ, I watched my battery sensors go from ambient temp of 95 degrees to 103.7 after a 20 minute session. And 6 hours of sitting in an 80 degree garage has only dropped it to 103. A TMS would not allow such a cooking.

  7. Well, the dead hard Leaf owners would say that your capacity is warranted for 5 years and 70%. That should be useful in some meaningful way.

    I agree that better thermal management system will help. Just don't tell the hardcore Leaf fans that and they will argue that is ONLY a problem if you live in a "normal" warm area.

  8. Just received a letter that upped the warranty for the 2011 and 2012 Leaf. It is expanding the warranty. It says "covers any repairs needed to return battery capacity to 9 bars for 60 months or 60,000 miles whichever comes first. If it drops below 9 bars it will be repaired. If necessary they will replace the battery pack with a new or re-manufactured battery pack".

  9. They will replace or repair it up to 9 bars. you won't get a full battery back....

  10. Interesting, so one QC on the Leaf only causes a 4~5°C rise in battery temperature? Not much, really.

  11. [oops, that "lower than" symbol caused the rest of my comment to vanish. Stupid filters. Retrying...]

    Interesting, so one QC on the Leaf only causes a 4~5°C rise in battery temperature? Not much, really.
    Less than 40°C also isn't anywhere near cooking it.

    I now understand better why Nissan states a couple QCs are no problem: it'd take like 5+ in rapid succession before entering the red section of the temp gauge... but yes, with only passive cooling, it'd then take ages to go back down.

    QC would be a great addition to the Focus indeed.

  12. As plenty of people who are now below 80% in < or = the two year mark will tell you, the temp gauge doesn't have to achieve anywhere near the red bars to degrade the battery.

  13. The warrant Nissan gives is B.S. You have to wait to the battery is down to 70% and then they will only replace enough cells to get you to something like 80%. You do NOT get a new battery. Nissan is really not providing much in the way of warranty protection.

  14. This is excellent news! Originally we were going to wait until later in the year and hope to get a big discount. Now we will wait until 12/31 and try to get a big discount and a $4K lower price. Hopefully congress will get it's butt in gear (yeah, right, I know) and change the tax credit to a time-of-purchase refund by then too.

  15. So until Ford will be marketing the Focus EV I all 50 states it will be a compliance car. I like the conventional styling however it lacks some driving range and it is similar to the Leaf in that respect. The Tesla III Generation will dominate the market come 2016 unless the conventional manufacturers sweeten the deal with their offerings. In 4 or 5 years EV's anything less than 150 mile range will be considered commuter cars at best and inferior to gasoline cars.

  16. @Mark: For the record, according to a Ford spokesperson, the Focus Electric IS now available in all 50 states. That said, it sells only at levels that put it into the compliance car category.

    Nonetheless, Ford intensely dislikes having it called a compliance car:

    And the company remains deeply pessimistic about its chances, saying at every turn it won't succeed:

    You may make your own judgments. :)

  17. And the company remains deeply pessimistic about its chances, saying at every turn it won't succeed:

    You may make your own judgments. :)

    Thanks John. Well I think that Ford has really shown us how it feels about Electric cars. Self fulfilling Prophecy. Sad because I feel that continuing to make only conventional ICE cars when atmospheric CO2 is now at 400ppm with no thoughts to a future with sustainable non fossil fuel energy sources shows that a company like Tesla is really needed to promote the EV automobile because the status quo conventional automakers would never do it with out pressure from competition from Tesla and the CARB of California.

  18. These references are pretty old write-ups. Recent articles by the Detroit Free Press included quotes from a Ford rep that could be twisted to sound pessimistic, seemingly a favorite pastime of writers when it comes to the FFE, or taken at face value and portray a positive light on Ford's vision for the FFE:

    "...it is a niche product..."
    "...a hoot to drive... "
    "...doesn't make sense to erode the brand image or the true value of the product..."
    “We don’t see the need to push it like crazy and erode the image of it.”

    Niche product? A hoot to drive? Brand image? Sounds like the Boss 302, SVT Cobra, the Focus ST, and of course, the Ford GT. All fun-to-drive niche products that are all about brand image. Unloved by Ford? Not the FFE.

  19. @Vin: The references are 8 and 5 months old, respectively.

    I suppose it's all in how you look at it. I speak to all makers of plug-in cars. Ford has consistently been the most negative.

    You can view that as simple realism, or perhaps managing expectations. Other makers have certainly been burned by overly rosy projections.

    But other makers seem to acknowledge that plug-in cars will be attractive to growing numbers of buyers, and that promoting them requires different skills.

    Ford appears to have tossed the FFE into the market with little targeted promotion, even in obvious venues. Anecdotally, its dealers are entirely & completely uninterested.

    Hence my conclusion: compliance car.

  20. Knocking down the price of the Chevy Volt $4000 increased sale a bit. Seems Ford is has taken notice.

  21. I looked at the Focus Electric, but the interior seemed cramped and the battery takes up too much of the cargo area. Sorry Ford, I'm getting a leaf.

  22. This makes me happier. Range is only a problem if your maxing out on your daily commute. Yes, the Nissan Leaf is a better electric car. But is almost as ugly as the Juke. Electric car people still want to look good. The Focus is no Tesla. But it is more obtainable to those who do not have budgets that allow them more than they need.

  23. Hey John- Probable Focus or Leaf or anothers will improve they qualitie in the future be close to Tesla , but lets see now the new Tesla close to $-35.000 will be the some qualitie like those two electric cars we talk before ...

  24. Of course my opinion about the Ford Focus Electric are: just only two reasons 1) the qualitie of the car are very low versus another electric cars and the second one think people are very low educated about electric cars , so a proper adv are necesary for the Ford Company , forget those cars with the Internal Combustion ,now are the past and the era of those Dealers-Ship is gone , we don't need any midle man to help us to shop for a new or old vehicle , those states who they dealers fight again to the Electric cars , they Governor are a really stupid person and corrupted for those loco crocks some for the east side of United States ,

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