Tesla Model S Recall Announced For Rear-Seat Latch Bracket

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2013 Tesla Model S

2013 Tesla Model S

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Tesla Motors announced this morning that it will conduct a partial recall of Model S electric sedans manufactured between May 10 and June 8 of this year to fix a potentially weakened left-rear seat attachment striker bracket.

According to a post on the company's website and signed by CEO Elon Musk, "the attachment strength of the mounting bracket for the left hand latch of the second row seat could be weaker than intended."

This came about due to factory adjustments in the alignment of the car's aluminum body-side pressings.

The striker bracket in question is both glued and welded to the body of the car, but the adjustment may have compromised the glued bond and weakened the weld.

As a result, Musk wrote, "this reduces our confidence that the left-hand seat back will be properly retained in the event of a crash."

Both Musk and Tesla communications manager Shanna Hendriks in a note stressed that no welds have actually detached, no customers have complained, and the company knows of no injuries or other concerns.

The company's action is a voluntary recall that stemmed from routine quality testing performed on June 10.

Cars built between June 8 and 10 that were still in the factory have already been modified.

The recall applies to cars that were delivered to buyers from mid-May to early June.

UPDATE: Approximately 20 percent of the 1,300 vehicles built between May 10 and June 8 are affected, but all cars will be inspected and modified if necessary.

FURTHER UPDATE: Citing the text of the NHTSA recall notice, AutoblogGreen notes that exactly 1,228 cars are affected.

Owners do not need to bring their cars to Tesla Service Centers to have the work performed.

Instead, Tesla will contact those owners and arrange to have their cars picked up from a location of their choice to perform the modification.

The company will provide a loaner Model S if needed, and it will return the owner's modified car "a few hours later," Musk wrote.

This was Tesla's own discovery, he stressed, and "no regulatory agency brought this to our attention."

This is not Tesla's first recall; in October 2010, it recalled 439 Roadsters over a potential fire risk due to a chafing cable in the right-front wheel well.


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Comments (7)
  1. Sounds minor, now lets hope this doesn't get blown out of proportion recalls aren't a big deal especially not this one.

  2. So are you proposing some kind of conspiracy theory where Tesla haters spin events into PROOF of immanent total collapse of the company, EVs and Western Civilization? OK.

  3. Come on, Norm, I expect better conspiracy theories from you... You left out the Clintons and George Soros...

    But seriously, what a minor issue, great to hear that it's nothing major. But I do hear that western civilization is in trouble...

  4. Nice and minor. Sounds like a quick fix. Major automakers go through much more recall work than this every day. Even the beloved Toyota has had recalls too. @Norm. Yes there are Tesla haters out there and I have met a few of them however Conspiracy theories are for people who are simply too ignorant to learn the facts

  5. To say that Toyota "has had recalls too" is amusing, since Toyota has led the industry in recent years, of course. In 2012, the latest year available, of course, let's look at the official number of vehicles recalled by the NHTSA:

    Toyota: 5.33 million
    Honda: 3.36 million
    GM: 1.48 million
    Ford: 1.40 million
    Fiat/Chrysler: 1.33 million

    Considering that Toyota and Honda have led the US in recalls for three of the last four years and GM just outdid Toyota on the annual JD Power Initial Quality released today, exactly how many years will it take before the myth of Toyota quality will begin to disappear?

    I'll agree with your main point, but using Toyota these days to equate with quality? Wow...

    2012 NHTSA Recalls By OEM, look it up.

  6. That is b/c Consumer Reports still heavily lean in favor of Toyota.

    In fact, recently, all the Toyota owners (7 of them) in my work group have switched to Honda, Chevy and Ford. The few left who didn't shift and they are die hard fans b/c they trust in their local Toyota dealers but they aren't the ones buying the new cars either...

  7. A voluntary recall for a self identified issue with no related injuries.

    This in contrast to Chrysler denying the NHTSA's request to recall Jeep's with faulty gas tank designs that caused 44 deaths.

    And yet, NADA says we need 3rd party dealerships to "protect" us in facilitating recall repairs.

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