Discounts Soar On Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrids--In New York

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2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

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Live in the New York area? If you do, you're perfectly placed to get some hefty discounts on Toyota's Prius Plug-In right now.

In fact, you're in the right place to get a discount on several green models at the moment, including the regular Prius, as well as Ford C-Max and Fusion hybrids.

According to Wards Auto (via Autoblog Green), discounts of up to $4,650 are available on the 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-In for those living in the Manhattan 10036 zip-code area--or as much as $6,500 if you're able to settle for the 2012 model.

In comparison, the regular Prius gets a rebate of $500 right now. If you're a Ford fan, you'll get up to $3,750 off both the C-Max Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid.

The discounts are part of Toyota's plan to keep up with plug-in rivals, by selling 12,000-13,000 Prius Plug-Ins this year. Last year it shifted 12,750 of the model--better than full battery-electric competitors, but little over half that of the Chevy Volt.

The rebates should put the Prius Plug-In within reach of a lot more buyers, and closer to that of the regular Prius. The former currently retails for $32,000 pre-delivery, the latter begins at $24,200, also before any delivery fees.

Surprisingly, no discounts are available on Toyota's other green models, such as the Prius C subcompact and Prius V wagon, nor the new Toyota RAV4 EV.

Will large incentives on the Prius Plug-In boost sales in a market currently led by the extended-range Chevy Volt? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Comments (5)
  1. mmmmm I remember big incentives for RAV4 Ev
    "Through April 1, 2013, the incentive is $10,000 from Toyota, plus the $7500 fed tax credit, plus whatever your state does (no sales tax in Washington, $2500 in California, $6000 in Colorado, $7500 in West Virginia, etc).

    In addition, dealers are discounting up to $4000 with 2% hold-back from Toyota. The net cost of a $50,870 MSRP car can be below $30,000. "

  2. Wow, glad to see prices improving. Question: What is the source of the Ford discounts? Ford Motor Company? Do yo think it will spread to other states?

  3. Well, the discount is normal if the cars aren't moving...

    Like I said many times, in the NYC area, all you need is a test drive in the cold weather to realize that PIP's short "EV" range aren't all that useful in cold weather b/c the heat would turn on the engine. A regular Prius would have made just as much sense if you have short trips and long trips. The regular Prius is faster, lighter, handles better than safer than the PIP...

    C-Max is discounting to stay competitive.

    Volt will discount when the sales aren't keeping up. But it usually happens near the end of the model year.

  4. I live in upstate NY. Our daytime highs are significantly lower than what you experience down in NYC. Took delivery of my Plugin Prius in late october. I am averaging ~120 MPGe in my Plugin Prius so far. As the temperature dropped by estimated EV dropped from 13.4 down to 8.6 miles. Yet my MPGe dropped from a high of 128 MPGe to 110 MPGe in the middle of January. My average for March is back over 130 MPGe.
    Most of my trips are short (less than 10 miles) at speeds less than 50 mph. I suspect my numbers would improve if I was down in NYC.

  5. I'm finding the same in the Boston area. 30 degrees average last month and I was actually at 12-13miles EV which is more than I need for my 3-4 drives per day.
    If you're a weenie and need the cabin 70 degrees naturally that would drop.

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