Tesla Model S To Be Evaluated By Consumer Reports

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2012 Tesla Model S

2012 Tesla Model S

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Let's hope that the Tesla Model S fares better than the Fisker Karma did.

That's the first thought that sprang to mind when we heard the news that Consumer Reports had bought its very own Model S all-electric sport sedan to test.

The respected consumer testing magazine notoriously savaged the Fisker Karma in a review last September.

Specifically, the $106,000 range-extended electric luxury sport sedan died on the test track and otherwise proved to be badly built, with confusing controls and minimal interior space for such a large and heavy car.

The magazine was more impressed with the Tesla Model S following an early drive in a borrowed car last November.

The Model S "shatters every myth," it wrote, and redefined the experience of traveling on all-electric power.

Two weeks ago today, after waiting more than two years following its $5,000 deposit, CR took delivery of its 2012 Tesla Model S.

It specified the Model S with the largest 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack and the $1,500 additional charger to bring charging capacity up to 20 kilowatts.

As an early-build car, the magazine's Model S also comes with the air suspension, along with a large sunroof, and tan Nappa leather upholstery.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

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The total price was $89,650, roughly in line with the Audi A7 or Porsche Panamera luxury sport sedans.

Confronted with the option to pick up its Model S at Tesla's Queens service center or have it delivered to the door on a flatbed truck, the magazine chose the latter alternative.

As usual, Consumer Reports masked the identity of the buyer so that Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] likely didn't know that the magazine was actually buying the car.

As CR's Gabe Shenhar says, "We can't wait to pile some break-in miles on our Model S and start testing it."


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Comments (7)
  1. I predict CR will give Model S a favorable review. They may comment on the lack of compartmented storage in the stylish but spartan interior or glitchy software in the early going, but unless their test car has some catastrophic failure, there's not much to not like about Model S. Disclaimer: My Model S was delivered December 23.

  2. I have been a big fan of Consumer Reports for a long time and I'm really looking forward to their review, but I'm a bit nervous...can't they just take Elon's word for it? Disclaimer - I pick up my Model S at the factory tomorrow.

  3. I picked up my 60 kWhr car yesterday and used a supercharger for the first time. The whole experience was even better than I expected and I had HIGH expectations. Don't expect objective reporting from me, though. No can do.

  4. Congrats with your new car!

  5. I'm Jealous!!

  6. Break in period??? Isn't that something that requires sliding parts like pistons in a cylinder (or more specifically piston rings)?

    I am a great admirer of Elon Musk. He makes his very bold dreams come true, and sticks to the best ideals, like striving for perfection not highest possible short term profits.

  7. CR is a bit more mature than it was last year when it tested the Karma. Plus they're warming up to EVs. I still can't wrap my head around their odd metrics. Products I love sometimes get slammed and others do well. In the end, CR is about best bang for your buck, so we can bet the 60 kWh version should hold its own. I fear if they test the 85 top of the line, it won't do as well.

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