BMW i4 Concept Electric Coupe To Appear At LA Show: Report

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BMW i3 Concept MkII

BMW i3 Concept MkII

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BMW could be set to unveil a new, sporty electric car at the upcoming 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Likely to be based on the BMW i3 electric city car, the new BMW 'i4' would be a more "fasionable and sporty" model to complement the i3 in BMW's increasing electric range.

According to French magazine l'Automobile, the new car could be unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show later next month.

The i4 name stems from BMW's new naming strategy, that reserves odd numbers for basic sedans and hatchbacks, and even-numbered models for coupes, convertibles and sports cars.

An i4 would thus be based on the i3 electric compact, but feature two fewer doors and a lower roof, to cut a more dynamic profile on the road.

Typical of a sportier model, it would also sell for more than the i3 hatchback, already touted to cost upwards of $50,000 in Europe, pre-incentives.

The 2014 BMW i3 uses a carbon reinforced plastic chassis to offset the weight of a heavy battery pack, and BMW claims 0-62 mph performance of under 8 seconds from the 170-horsepower electric motor.

Few details have been released about the car's range, but BMW has announced that the i3 would also be offered with a range-extending option, likely to be a tiny 600cc twin-cylinder gasoline engine.

BMW has not yet confirmed the i4 model, but if l'Automobile's sources are correct, we'll know when the Los Angeles Auto Show opens its doors to the press on November 28.


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  1. Ooooo I hope it's true! I'm really looking forward to BMW's electric sub brand, a sporty pure electric convertible would be fantastic. Being that the only car BMW makes with the number 4 is a roadster maybe the i4 will be a roadster.

  2. More California PR only;

  3. Well I hope their show goes better with this one, I tried to visit their i Store on Park Lane, London today after travelling down from Glasgow, Scotland, only to find the store closed for refurbishment, really p***ed off after being told by BMW i facebook staff that it was open!!

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