2012 Tesla Model S Shows Up On eBay, Will Owner Profit?

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2012 Tesla Model S Signature

2012 Tesla Model S Signature

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Well, that didn't take long, did it?

It's not unusual to see rare and exclusive cars pre-sold to buyers before cars are delivered--the practice has been going on for decades, every time the latest supercar hits the streets.

We didn't expect to see a 2012 Tesla Model S sold so soon, though--and with a Buy It Now price on the eBay auction of $145,000, the seller stands to make a healthy little profit should they find a buyer.

The model being sold is one of the thousand limited edition Signature models, and the buyer will get the actual car, rather than a reservation slot--something Tesla will not allow.

With Signature Red paint, a white leather interior and the 85 kWh, EPA-rated 265-mile battery pack--as well as other Signature edition features--the car will certainly be to a high specification.

It also features an upgraded tech package, Dolby 7.1 premium sound system, and other Model S amenities.

The car is already being built, and is set to be delivered on October 14. The auction itself runs until 10:18 PDT on September 20, provided someone doesn't pay the full price--over $47,000 more than MSRP--to end the auction early.

So why is the car for sale so soon? The seller doesn't say, but it's not beyond possibility that they were banking on pre-selling it all along, hoping to make a tidy little profit in the process from someone wishing to jump the queue.

It also has us wondering--how long until more Model S Signature editions appear on the market? And what price would you pay to get behind the wheel?...

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Comments (4)
  1. At least it is someone with a great ebay reputation. But Portland Maine?

  2. It happens with all "hot" and "limited" models..

    If Tesla was sold through "dealers", the mark up would have been at least $20,000.

    Some of the Volt dealers was charging $8k over the MSRP... 8/40 = 1/5. 1/5 of $100,000 is about $20,000.

  3. The seller is most likely just itching to turn a profit on a highly exclusive car. Does anyone know how many Model S's are being produced in a day right now at this time? Maybe 3 or so? What Tesla could do to discourage this is to ramp up production since the cars are being produced in rather small numbers it could take many months to a year or more to take delivery of a car, so buyers will be tempted to sell their Model S for big markups. Remember when the PS3 came out some people were selling them on Ebay for $2000 or greater. Sony finally had enough PS3’s for everyone after a few months and the high price Ebay ones went away.

  4. Tesla is ramping up production as fast as they can while maintaining extremely high quality standards. All it takes is for one little out-of-spec part from a supplier to hold up production until that supplier can re-tool and provide the correct part. They will be producing high volume as soon as all issues are dealt with.

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