2012 Tesla Model S Owner: 10 Things I LOVE About This Car! (Video)

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Normally, when a new car launches, it takes a few weeks before owners start posting their own thoughts and ownership experiences online. 

But although official deliveries of the 2012 Tesla Model S Sedan started less than a week ago, it hasn’t taken long for Model S owners to evangelize online about their new cars.

Take Model S recipient and venture capitalist Konstatin Othmer, who posted a video yesterday listing the 10 things he loves the best about his new $97,900 2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance Sedan.

The resulting YouTube video, as you might expect, has the feel of a nicely put-together home movie, complete with footage of Othmer picking up his car from Tesla’s Fremont factory. 

As for his top ten likes? 

Aside from the usual things you’d expect, (like it being electric, super stylish and cheap to run) Othmer picks out some more unusual features he’s particularly fond of. 

2012 Tesla Model S beta vehicle, Fremont, CA, October 2011

2012 Tesla Model S beta vehicle, Fremont, CA, October 2011

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These include the Model S’ unique key -- which is shaped like the car itself -- and the unique automatically retracting door handles. 

Of course, also in his list is the Model S Signature Performance’s acceleration, which Othmer revisits several times during the film at the expense of his friend, a little overacting, and a flying camera. 

Given the limited time that Tesla has given Journalists behind the wheel of its highly-anticipated electric luxury sedan, we think Othmer’s video gives us at least some indication of just what the Tesla Model S feels like on the open road. 

It has got us thinking however. What ten things do you like about the Model S? 

Let us know in the Comments below.


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Comments (9)
  1. I've decided that, visually, the plastic front grill ruins the looks. I'd yank it off, including the tacky Tesla emblem and the chrome surround, replacing it a flat black grill material, Now THAT would provide a really good looking front end. I cannot believe that von Holzhausen would have penned that design without a gun to his head, held, no doubt, by Elon.

  2. As long as the shape of the grill stays the same you are fine. Change the shape an you lose quite a bit of range. Color and chrome accents are a matter of taste, and I love how the car looks, inside and out.

  3. The question was "What ten things do you LIKE about the Model S?" - Doh!

  4. What is the grill used for? its electric.

  5. The grill has a cosmetic function in that we like and buy cars with a big grill denoting a big engine. The second function of the grill is to cover the radiators used to cool the battery and motor and to aircondition the interrior of the car.

  6. There are more comments in this thread
  7. With all the bad economic news coming from the USA, this is a breath of fresh air. It's a drop-dead gorgeous vehicle and performs like a true sports car. Inspiring.

    The video was okay but the tumbling camera due to massive acceleration was a bit overdone. Put kids in the rear seat next time, not grannie.

  8. Now, now, johnny. In a couple of years, when you turn 18 and some 6 year old makes a snide remark about you being so old, you might remember your tasteless "grannie" remark.

  9. I too found the person falling about with the camera unnecessary and and their reactions childish but then this is normal on you tube along with bad camera technique.

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