Tesla To Launch New Sedan And Two Crossovers After Model S

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Tesla presentation slide from June, 2012 outlining 'Gen 3' platform variants

Tesla presentation slide from June, 2012 outlining 'Gen 3' platform variants

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Tesla’s long-awaited Model S is just days from officially hitting the market, although at least one of the electric sedans has already been delivered to a customer.

With development on the Model S finally complete, we can now focus on what’s next in the pipeline for Tesla.

We know that the Californian start-up’s next model will be the Model X crossover, which has already been previewed and should start sales sometime next year.

But looking past these two models, Tesla has plans for even more new additions.

While it was previously thought that the next models from Tesla, beyond the Model S and Model X, would be a Fisker Atlantic-rivaling small sedan and a second-generation Roadster, a presentation at a recent investor meeting revealed something quite different.

This slide, which was presented at the meeting and picked up by AutoblogGreen, confirms that Tesla will add two more models after the Model X, but one of these won’t be a new Roadster. Instead, we’ll see the small sedan and a--presumably--small crossover.

These smaller models will be based on Tesla’s third-generation platform, a design that’s been aptly named the ‘Gen 3’. They will be touted as mainstream models and sell for significantly less than the Model S, which given its features and claimed performance is already relatively well-priced.

No timeline for their release has been mentioned, though they're expected to be on sale by late 2014 or early 2015. Of course, their release is dependent on the success of the Model S and Model X, so Tesla’s plans could easily change.


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Comments (6)
  1. Highly doubtful they will be on the market by 2015. They would have to be already designed and prototypes coming soon. Tesla's next models depend on a battery price break-through, then these new batteries have to be extensively tested. Just not going to happen in 3 years.

  2. Note that Tesla has not given any timeline.

    Is Fisker really competition for Tesla? I think not, because Fisker's Karma and Atlantic are EREVs. Fisker's competition will be the Cadillac ELR and Chevrolet's Volt.

    What I hope for in 3 years is a significant price reduction. If the Model S and X sell well enough and volume production goes up, price can come down. How many more sales would a 10% or 20% price reduction generate? 20% would drop the low end Model S to $40k with tax rebate, and the Performance down to $69k (again with tax rebate).

    The Atlantic, BTW, will be 2 or 3 years away, and in the same price range as my optimistic price reductions on the Model S.

  3. The Fisker Atlantic is supposed to be priced around $50,000 like the Model S. Tesla has already hinted that the Gen 3 will be priced around $30,000 I'm not sure if that included tax rebates or not.

  4. I'm looking forward to the 3rd Gen. I hope all the really well to do types buy their new Model S and talk them up so Tesla can get the X and then my new EV on the market.

    BTW, a great number of people never thought Tesla would get this far, this fast. Keep the faith.

  5. My guess is at least 2016 till we actually, truly see this third gen on the road and driven buy purchasing customers. It's mid 2012 n they are just now delivering what should be a very popular, successful vehicle for them. Telsa will be pressured to build greater numbers of the S by the smart, luxury/performance oriented driving public. No other EV or non-ev vehicle really comes close now or for the next few years to what the Telsa S can do. Telsa will likely place most if not all their resources in building more n more S models n then the new X model for the next few years.

    However, I do hope/expect that the base third gen models will have range and quick charging capabilities near the current top trim Telsa S for under $40k in 2016.

  6. Since Tesla has developed it's skate board platform and has the drive train hardware developed its in much better shape for developing a new Gen III vehicle since it will most likely share much of it's hardware with the Model S. Still designing a new body and retooling stamping machines and possibly a shorter wheel base skateboard platform for the Blue star will still take several years. They may be able to use the same assembly line to manufature it along with the Model S as well since they will most likely share much of their parts. The Model X also uses the same skateboard platform albiet with a few modifications such as in the four wheel drive version by using 2 sets of drive motors.

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