2012 Chevrolet Volt Gets New Salesman: 13-Year Old Thomas Hundal

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When it comes to learning stuff, most kids look towards older siblings, parents and teachers to find out how to do something. 

But a 13-year old car expert in Ontario, Canada is so enthusiastic and knowledgable about cars that he’s helping his local Chevrolet dealership train its staff to be better salespeople.  

And that includes the 2012 Chevrolet Volt. 

In an enthusiastic Youtube presentation on behalf of Barry Cullen Chevrolet in Ontario, Thomas Hundal gives the plug-in hybrid a full walk-around on camera, reeling off facts about the interior trim, entertainment system, drivetrain and performance specification like a pro. He even manages to make some stylistic comments that tie the Volt in with other Chevy cars. 

But this isn’t a case of the pint-sized salesman copying an auto-dealing parent.  In fact, neither of his parents work in the auto industry. 

“He came into our showroom one day with his parents,” said Eric Lennox, General Sales Manager at Barry Cullen Chevrolet. “I watched from a distance as he gave his parents a full walk-around on a 2012 Chevrolet Orlando. I was in awe with his knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Thomas Hundal: 12-year Old Chevy Volt Salesman

Thomas Hundal: 12-year Old Chevy Volt Salesman

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After Hundal had finished, Lennox introduced himself to the family and discovered that Hundal knew about other cars too. Moreover, he quickly discovered that Hundal wasn’t just regurgitating information he’d heard elsewhere: he really loved cars. 

The Chevrolet Volt video -- released on Tuesday -- is the latest in a series of YouTube automotive introductions given by the 6th grade student. 

It’s not just YouTube either. Hundal is now giving presentations to sales staff at Barry Cullen Chevrolet, many of whom have been selling cars longer than he has been alive. 

“He’s just so well spoken and beyond his years,” Lennox told us.”He’s using real-world speak, not corporate sales-buzz. Our staff have a lot to learn from him.”

With a career already sorted for him if he wants it, we hope Hundal continues to be as enthusiastic about Chevrolet’s plug-in hybrid as he is in the video -- and we hope he helps sell as many as he can. 

Does it make a nice change to see an enthusiastic presentation about the Chevy Volt? Do you think more people would buy one if smart kids like Hundal were making the pitch? 

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below. 


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Comments (10)
  1. I have yet to meet a Chevy Sales person that knows more about the Volt than I do. I can sure volunteer at my local Chevy dealer if GM needs some help...

  2. Has GM not heard about the 'Child Labor Law'? I guess the Child Labor Law only applies to McDonald's burger joint or Granny Kerns Canning Factory. Auto factories are apparently exempt from that law.

  3. @James: As is quite blatantly obvious, the child in question is not a GM employee.

  4. Right, and he's doing that for GM for free because he is so in love with GM's Volt.

  5. Because naturally, it's impossible to be enthusiastic about a vehicle unless you're being paid for it, right?...

  6. James can any of us here help you learn the difference between a factory and a car dealer?

    "Hundal is now giving presentations to sales staff at Barry Cullen Chevrolet, many of whom have been selling cars longer than he has been alive."

    Just let me know which specific words are too difficult for you and I'm sure many of us would willing to help you...

  7. Okay, the words that are difficult for me to understand, unless this child's parents work for GM and was promised a promotion to use their child in a commercial, is why GM thinks it is okay for them to use this child in this manner without giving him something in return. If they are giving him or his parents money and he does not have a legally signed contract, then that is a violation of the Child Labor Law...look it up. If they are not giving him or his parents money, then that is at the fringe of mild child abuse. So, tell me which word you want to explain to me.

  8. First let me say I don't like to see anyone exploited; certainly not children. However, living in a large city and seeing lots of kids with way too much time on their hands and few constructive ways to direct their youthful energies, I think a little more child labor might be desirable. Of course, nothing like child labor is going on here, since the kid is not officially employed and he has full freedom to do as much or as little as he wants with this. I think you should appreciate the fact that a young person is channeling his interest and energy into something useful and good instead of smoking dope and planning a burglary.

  9. The word you might want to consider looking up is "volunteer," which fits in this case since he wasn't hired by the dealer and makes a voluntary (look that up, too) decision to be there occasionally.

    When my niece helps me at a Habitat for Humanity build, is that also on the fringe...? Considering all the nonsensical reasons you usually offer to insult GM, is this really the best you can do?

    You have no idea if there is a contract, if he's paid, how many hours he "works," etc., yet you instinctively go into anti-GM attack mode, as usual... As usual, no facts, no knowledge, just pure irrational invenctive.

  10. It's nice to see young people excited about the Volt. It's completely legit for him to make, give or do whatever he wants with his youtube video since he doesn't work for GM....


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