2012 Chevrolet Volt Pool Party: Weirdest Ad Stunt Yet?

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Imagine the scene: you’re an advertising executive for General Motors given the task of finding new and exciting ways to promote the Chevrolet Volt’s sponsorship of the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The chances are you’d think up something grand, like putting a Chevy Volt up on stage with a headline band.  

But a pool party,  with A-list guests, free drink and a Chevy Volt resting on a makeshift automotive waterbed?  

That’s just too crazy to get past those stern folks in accounting, right? 


Enter the wacky and weird world of Voltchella, the Chevy Volt pool party held in honor of the plug-in hybrid car on the opening weekend of Coachella 2012. 

Complete with a barrage of A-list celebrities, including Josh Hutcherson, Aaron Paul and Paris Hilton, the pool party was more Hollywood than music festival.

Voltchella Pool Party

Voltchella Pool Party

Enlarge Photo

Then again, Los Angeles is only 130 miles away from the Coachella Valley.

Aside from being a thinly-veiled excuse to have a party, the event did manage to answer one question: how do you get a 3,781 pound plug-in hybrid to a pool party?

The answer, it seems, involves a custom-made platform submerged just below the pool’s water line, and a very large crane. 

From the YouTube video that documents this bizarre event it seems that the Volt placed poolside was a real, working Chevrolet Volt, not a life-size, fiberglass replica, proving one and for all that plug-in cars can get wet. 

What’s next from the ad team that brought us the Volt Dance, Gas-station pee-break and Alien super bowl ad

Now we’ve seen this, anything is possible...


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Comments (10)
  1. Well, it is more exciting than driving around the sub-basement of the New York Auto show. Now can they make a larger flowing platform in a larger pool and let people drive the Volt on it. That would be exciting.

  2. Electric in water = fun? This is just... nuts.

  3. car does not = toaster

    Cars are expected to drive out of doors. Rain, snow, water crossing roadways, gutters, intersections, you know driving. Not the same as...a toaster. Here's to better days!

  4. Well, as long as it's money well spent...

  5. Yeah, that will sell some cars.

  6. Some add exec has either been hungover and still at a Vegas pool party in his head or has been hitting the ecstasy!

  7. I meant ad, I think I can use some focus myself... ;)

  8. For the over 40 years that I've been in the ad business, from producing commercials to owning a radio station, the rules for introducing a new product have included: Tell the customer what it does, how it does it better, how it benefits the customer, and why the customer needs the product. Don't see any of that here. All I see is a complete waste of advertising money. They could have at least used some captions over shots of the Volt like "Yes, it's electric, but gas when you need it." "No other car like it." Or how about "2012 Car of the Year--see your Chevy dealer to find out why."

  9. or...save that gas money to throw a pool party!

  10. how about a commercial where you see zeus pushing lightning bolts into the Volt and then looking looking over at prometheus trying to shove a dead dinosaur into the gas tank and he tells him "let's wait to put that in later and run on the sparkles now"

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