Kill (Gas) Bills: Daryl Hannah’s Bio Diesel El Camino Sold At Auction

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For years, the great and the good of Hollywood have helped encourage people to ditch gas guzzlers by turning up to red-carpet events and driving around Beverly Hills in an eclectic mix of trendy eco-cars. 

But when those cars are traded in for the latest, greenest model, or perhaps swapped for something different, what happens to ex-celebrity owned green cars? 

In the case of a certain 1983 El Camino pickup truck once owned by former Kill Bill star Daryl Hannah, it gets sold for just $2,250 at auction.

The unlikely eco-ride in its dowdy gun-metal grey finish looks more suited to Montana than Hollywood, but glance at the rear window and everything becomes clear -- Hannah’s former pickup truck is powered by biodiesel made from vegetable oil.

A well-known supporter of biofuels, Hannah has been championing the biofuel alternatives to gasoline and diesel for many years. In 2003, she set up the Sustainable Biofuels Alliance, and insisted on running her stock Chevy pickup for many years without modification to prove that almost any diesel vehicle could run on fuel derived from recycled vegetable oil.

Daryl Hannah's BioDiesel El Camino Pickup Truck

Daryl Hannah's BioDiesel El Camino Pickup Truck

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One of a few hundred diesel El Caminos to be built, Hannah sold her biodiesel ride 4 years ago on eBay for a cool $10,000.

Since then, it has been the daily driver of Tennessee tech entrepreneur Freddie O’Connell, but as a consequence of an expanding family, O’Connell replaced the truck with an all-electric car, putting the classic up for auction. 

We have no details on the mystery new owner, but hope Hannah's former truck continues to be fed on the finest recycled oil from fast food restaurants for many years to come. 

As for Hannah? After she sold the truck, she turned her attention to the 1979 Pontiac Trans Am she drove in Kill Bill, converting it to a badass E85 hotrod.

Now if only she were to sell that...


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Comments (5)
  1. "pickup truck" really? Is that how we classify an El Camino?

  2. Pickup truck:"a light motor vehicle with an open-top rear cargo area" (Wikipedia). So, how does did not classify as a pickup truck?

  3. Whether "it is" or "isn't" has been debated for years. It depends on what "camp" you are in. Reasons for not being a truck are cited in your reference on "pickup truck", Wikipedia. So argue away... the saga continues...


  4. Hmm... maybe leave that discussion to the people who take that sort of vehicles seriously.

  5. It's a pick up because of it's open bed in the back. It doesn't matter how it became a pick up. Because of the way that it's body is laid out makes it a pick up. Plus, when you register something like this, it says pick up on the registration. I thought this was easy, but I guess not. If anybody remembers the VW Rabbit. That car also was marketed in this same form as, guess what, A VW Rabbit pick up. It was called that right from VW themselves.

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