Auto Dealers Lobby Against Obama's Higher Gas-Mileage Rules

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Used car salesman

Used car salesman

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Yesterday, auto dealers met with their members of Congress to try to delay new rules that would stiffen the gas-mileage requirements for cars sold in model years 2017 to 2025.

The National Auto Dealers Association made the rounds to pitch a proposal that would amend spending legislation for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the 2012 fiscal year.

The amendment would forbid the EPA from taking any actions to implement fuel economy standards for those years. It is sponsored by Rep. Steve Austria (R-OH).

The new standards, which would raise corporate average fuel economy to 54.5 miles per gallon for 2025 (or less than 50 mpg in the real world), were agreed to earlier this year by the Obama administration, the EPA, the NHTSA, the California Air Resources Board, and most automakers.

Predictably, the NADA action generated pushback from environmental groups, which urged their supporters to communicate with their Congressional representatives to support the 54.5-mpg rules and vote against the Austria amendment.

U.S. Capitol

U.S. Capitol

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Global carmakers desperately want to have regulations fixed well ahead of time, so they can make the appropriate investments to design and build products that meet the standards.

NADA probably doesn't want to be seen as opposing higher fuel economy standards outright, so their action was couched--at least to The Hill--as simply a delay in onerous regulations. Bailey Woods, a NADA representative, called the 54.5-mpg rule "too much, too fast" in an interview with The Hill.

Other news outlets said roughly 400 dealers had made the trek to D.C. There are roughly 20,000 car dealers in the U.S.


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Comments (5)
  1. Ah one highly disreputable group (congress) having discussions with an even more disreputable group (car dealers) to work against just about the only reasonable part of federal energy policy.

    So I know I can vote congressmen out of office when they act badly, how do I get rid of automobile dealers.

    Look, when clean diesel technology was introduced, manufacturers like Volvo truck had to shut down for a number of months past the deadline because they could not meet the standard. No one cried then, and they eventually met the standard and we are all better off for it.

    We are no where near crisis level on CAFE standards which, can always be met with the "alternative compliance mechanism" (aka a fine).

  2. Doesn't these 400 (does that mean there is only 400 republican car dealers in America) out of 20,000 car dealers realize that the higher the MPG the more cars they will sell? I don't think I would want Rep. Steve Austria (R-OH) to represent me in anything. Apparently he doesn't care about the air he breaths, the water he drinks, his children or great grandchildren or the land he lives on...what a sad person.

  3. You can click the link the Voelcker provided "pushback from environmental groups" and tell your congressman what you think of efforts to rollback CAFE standards.

  4. I just did, these car dealers don't need to talk to congress they need to talk to the brands they represent.

  5. A very nice followup by author Jim Motavalli that goes into far more detail about the specious reasoning of the NADA complaints. Read it despite the one-sided title:

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