2014 Ford Fiesta ST: At 35 MPG, Highest-Mileage Performance Hatch?

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From our earlier first drive of the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST over at Motor Authority, we already knew that Ford has put together not only one lean pocket rocket that's a hoot to drive, but one of the most compelling small cars from a value standpoint.

With its 1.6-liter turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder engine making 197 horsepower and 202 pound-feet, the Fiesta ST pushes out more than the MINI Cooper S or the Fiat Abarth, Ford points out. And at just $22,195, including destination, the 2014 Fiesta ST starts at a lower price than either of those models. 

Now, the 2014 Fiesta ST has received an official EPA rating of 26 mpg city, 35 highway (and 29 mpg Combined). That ties with the Cooper S, yet the five-door Fiesta offers much more interior space.  

For those who insist that their fun-to-drive small cars also be green (or that their fuel-efficient small cars be fun), that's yet another solid selling point:

Peruse the full review pages on the 2014 Ford Fiesta lineup at The Car Connection for more information, learn about the new high-mileage 1.0-liter EcoBoost model in the 2014 Fiesta lineup, or read more about the driving experience with our first drive of the Fiesta ST.

[Note: pics above are of the three-door body style, which the U.S. will not get.]


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Comments (5)
  1. I bet it's a blast to drive but the 26mpg city rating makes me gag. For the price though it still makes sense vs. certain hybrids. I guess if you're not used to 50+mpg everywhere then those numbers don't look so bad. :)

  2. Some people actually care about driving instead just MPG.

    Tesla S is the only one that satisfy both, at a huge price.

  3. I do 2 mpg less with a 2005 neon.

  4. @Gor: Which, as we are constantly forced to point out, could not be sold new today. It would undoubtedly fail the latest and far more stringent crash-safety tests, meaning it's lighter than a modern equivalent. Not to mention it lacks many of the features and options that modern buyers expect. Sorry, but ... specious comparison.

  5. Not to mention that it is a Neon...

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