2016 Toyota Prius Spy Shots: Next-Gen Hybrid Breaks Cover

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2015 Toyota Prius spy shots - Image: Motor Authority

2015 Toyota Prius spy shots - Image: Motor Authority

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The Toyota Prius has one of the most distinctive profiles on the road, and as new spy shots reveal, that familiar silhouette is unlikely to change for the next generation.

The full set of spy shots, coming to us via our sister site Motor Authority, clearly shows the Prius's aerodynamics-influenced shape will appear once again when the final car is unveiled late in 2015 in 2014.

Although heavily wrapped in camouflage, it's still possible to make out the one-box profile and its high, sharply cut-off tail.

It's impossible to make out clear details below the thick body covers, but the 2016 Prius is expected to take influences from recent concepts like the NS4 plug-in hybrid and FT-Bh compact hybrid concepts.

The interior design is likely to remain a mystery for the time being, too.

While interior shots are clearly visible in the photos, they look nearly identical to the facia design used in the Lexus CT 200h, with which the current Prius shares its drivetrain. It's likely the Lexus dashboard is being used simply for testing, and that an entirely new design will debut in the actual car.

The 2016 Prius will feature some changes under the skin as well.

Toyota recently revealed it's stepping up production of lithium-ion batteries for its future models. This hints that the Prius may finally ditch its nickel-metal hydride battery pack for the next generation, as many other automakers have recently done in their own hybrids.

Fuel economy should also improve over the current car's 50 mpg combined, helping to keep the Prius name at the top of gas mileage charts. A lighter-weight body and better aerodynamics should both contribute to the improved figure.

As with the current model, a plug-in hybrid version is also likely, and new Prius C and Prius V models will almost certainly emerge further down the line.


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Comments (18)
  1. One of the pictures seems to show the plug-in port on the passenger side of the car.

    So no more flying buttress center column? Nice.

  2. I certainly hope they make all Prii plugins! And the flying buttress center console is a deal breaker for me; I certainly hope it goes away.


  3. I'm still hopeing they will incorporate one of their new engine design concepts (Concept 1 or 2) to boost thermal efficiency to 42%-43%. Adding more plug-ins is great but for long trips we need better ICE efficiency and aerodynamics.

  4. Turbocharged lean burn I hope.

  5. only thing about turbo chargers , most turbo charged cars requires the most expensive gas,

  6. it seems silly to not have all the hybrids have a plug in capacity, even if the range is short, being able to charge up adds some kick to your gas free range

  7. Hopefully, Toyota will provide a more powerful motor and better all-electric range on their next Prius plug-in. At least 25 miles.

    I also agree that losing the flying buttress center column is the right move. My wife hated it.

  8. They would sell a lot more if they could enhance the electric-only driving experience like you find in the Volt. The biggest gripe many of us have is how easy the ICE fires up and how delicately you have to drive to stay in EV. That takes some of the fund out of the EV torque experience!

  9. I agree. Is there really any point at all to having a plug in with a range of 3 to 7 miles. I see no point to the incremental cost. Prius should be embarrassed. What am I not understanding?

  10. Yeah the plug-in model is way overpriced for the small battery pack that it has

  11. I thought about this, I own a 2010 prius that has a 2 mile EV range. I can fully charge my battery by driving 4 miles. then the next 15 or 20 miles I'm driving with a fully charged battery and the last 1 or 2 miles of residental driving I'm using the battery for EV driving. If only I got more use of the battery to assist during highway driving for better MPG

  12. I would like to add my name to the list for hating the flying buttress,The original dash was better.

  13. It is funny how all the "hybrid" owners call their cars "hybrids" when only 1 source of "energy" is "putting" into the car. They are making that claim b/c of the dual powertrain that power the wheel.

    But at the same time, they are accusing the Volt as a hybrid b/c they have duel "energy" source.

    If Volt is a hybrid based on two energy source, then Prius is an ICE car, not a hybrid.

    If Prius is a hybrid based on the two source powertrain powering the wheel, then Volt is an EV, NOT a PHEV.

    The word "hybrid" is such a loosely defined term that we should ban the use of it.

  14. @Xiaolong: Ummm ... good luck with THAT one! :)

  15. Someone should give you a hug, you're way too sensitive and angry. Why do you make issues when there are none, while also alienating people who have the same cause as you? Besides that, the term hybrid was being used long before the Volt was produced, so why should we rebrand cars that have been carrying the "hybrid" torch for years just to accomodate the Volt?

  16. +100 MPG please!!! most car companies are coming out with 100 MPG cars, the Prius has to keep the title of "MPG king".

  17. For the price of a used Volt I have 2 vehicles that do the same thing, and better. I have a gently used Nissan Leaf which I bought with 6,200 miles for $13,500. My other vehicle is a Toyota Prius which I bought with 73,000 mils for $12,500. Leaf for in town and Prius for out of town trips. Two vehicle for the price of one!!!!

  18. You would think the way Toyota keeps hiding the Prius that is was a
    Super car they were building (Porsche, BMW, Audi etc). instead of a tin can Prius. Quit the cover in the streets; its no big deal.

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