2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid: NY Auto Show Full Details

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The car you see here is Subaru's first production hybrid vehicle, the 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid.

Launched today at the New York Auto Show, the hybrid crossover is set to hit dealerships in the fourth quarter 2013.

Subaru has been careful to maintain the company's reputation for utility as well as improved efficiency with the XV Crosstrek Hybrid, retaining the same symmetrical all-wheel drive system as other Subarus, and keeping the non-hybrid's 8.7 inches of ground clearance for those rougher roads.

At the heart of the XV Crosstrek Hybrid beats a familiar 148-horsepower 2.0-liter boxer gasoline engine. From there tradition deviates, and the unit pairs up with a 13.4-horsepower electric motor, integrated into a continuously-variable transmission as part of a 'mild hybrid' drivetrain. EPA city, highway and combined mileage of 28, 34 and 31 mpg is projected.

Subaru hasn't announced total system power, and as we've come to expect you can't just add the boxer's 148-horsepower output to the 13.4-hp electric motor to get a total, but as with other hybrids, combined urge from motor and engine should provide useful extra punch when required.

The mild hybrid layout means all-electric running for any significant distance isn't on the cards--though the XV does use its electric motor to pull away from rest, before the gasoline engine kicks in. Subaru says an EV mode with operate "in certain low speed situations". A integrated starter-generator handles start-stop duties, allowing the engine to turn off at very low speeds and when stopped, saving gas. The engine has been optimized for reduced internal friction, while brake energy regeneration tops up the batteries as the car slows.

Subaru has chosen a 13.5 kW nickel-metal hydride battery pack rather than the increasingly common lithium-ion, mounted under the rear floor area. This cuts 1.7 cubic feet from the regular XV's seats-down 51.9 cu-ft cargo capacity, and 0.7 cu-ft from its total interior volume. The chassis is optimized for the hybrid drivetrain's extra 300 pounds.

Visually the XV Crosstrek Hybrid's largest difference is a new set of 17-inch alloy wheels, but Hybrid models also get special badging, an optional Plasma Green Pearl exterior color and hidden away, an active grille shutter to improve aerodynamics.

A blue color scheme dominates the cabin, with silver trim and a specially-designed instrument cluster with further hints of blue. A de rigeur multi-function display shows drivers what the hybrid drivetrain is doing at any given moment.

Pricing for the 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid will be announced closer to the vehicle's launch later this year.

Meanwhile, for all our coverage of the New York show, be sure to bookmark our dedicated New York Auto Show page.


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Comments (12)
  1. That MPG is incredibly disappointing.

  2. "Subaru has chosen a 13.5 kW nickel-metal hydride battery pack"
    Typo. Something less than 2KW.

    Yeah that is certainly a pathetic mild hybrid. Doesn't come anywhere near the 44/40 rating of the Prius V wagon.

  3. Don't confuse KW with KWh. KW is the max power rating, KWh is the energy capacity of the battery. Some battery have higher power density but lower energy density.

    I know, the writing is kind of "misleading".

    Also, just to point out the fact that Prius V doesn't have AWD and can't compare an capable AWD mpg against a FWD wagon. Those buyers aren't the same...

  4. Nice size car and will likely hold up, BUT nobody cars how fast it will go with EV mode, but HOW FAR will it go under EV power. So with the extra weight, is picking up the couple of MPG's really worth the extra cost and hassle? Make it a plug-in diesel hybrid that'll go 50 EV miles and get 50 MPG with the diesel motor only and price it at $25k and I'll buy.

  5. 28 mpg in the city with a hybrid? My C-Max Energi is at 120 mpg in city driving at this moment and that is up from around 100 mpg from last week after a round trip of 90 miles that saw 50+ mpg on the highway.

    Why would you even put out a hybrid with these lousy mpg numbers?

  6. This is a different class vehicle than the C-Max. The C-Max does not have AWD, that is why the MPGs are lower in the Subaru.

  7. "My C-Max Energi is at 120 mpg in city driving"

    As a regular GCR commenter, you should denote your "fake MPG" with electricity usage.

    By your standard, my Volt's lifetime "fake MPG" is above 130 and my daily commute "MPG" is infinity!

  8. "Fake MPG" What is that? I don't make up the numbers and as a physics teacher I know how to calculate mpg.

  9. Apparently, you are already confused with your MPGe and MPG.

    Your statement of 120MPG is already a "misleading" statement. Since either it was a "MPGe" rating or a combined rating that included gasoline and electricity but since you choose to "IGNORE" your electricity usage in calculating your "MPG" by just dividing your miles by the number of gallon of gas used, then it is a "misleading" figure.

    I certainly hope that you don't teach your student that way about "MPG".

  10. "as a physics teacher I know how to calculate mpg"

    I am glad that I won't be sending my kids to your school since you are located in Southern Cal...

    You have been confused about many things already.

    First, you don't understand the class difference between a C-Max and C-Max Energi.

    Second, you don't understand the difference between MPGe and MPG.

    Third, you choose to ignore the electricity (from the charging) used during your "MPG" calculation.

  11. This will be the best 2014 "in-class" MPG hybrid on the market. So far....

  12. Why would Subaru make yet another vehicle without a third row?

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