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Mercedes-Benz A Class A180 quick drive

Mercedes-Benz A Class A180 quick drive

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Not for the U.S... at least in this form

Sadly, and contrary to our earlier reports before Mercedes had made up its mind, the A Class won't be appearing in the U.S.--in basic spec or otherwise.

Happily though, it may be selling something very similar--the CLA Class.

Based on the A Class's running gear, the CLA adds a traditional sedan trunk and a more rakish roofline. It should appear in the U.S. in 200-horsepower CLA 250 form, and while gas mileage won't match the A180, it may still get close--the CLA will be the most aerodynamically-efficient production car on sale.

It will also go on sale for under $30,000, as you'll have seen in Mercedes' Super Bowl ad.

The CLA, and indeed the A Class prove several things. One, that an efficient car need not feature dull styling. Two, that you need not always go for the highest specification to enjoy a car. And three, that a small, front-drive Mercedes-Benz can still feel like a proper Mercedes-Benz.


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  1. Well despite all the noise about fuel efficient Mercedes, the fact remains that Mercedes are gas guzzlers, which might have been added for context to that article.

    Mercedes doesn't sell a single vehicle in the USA with more than 26 MPG combined EPA. Not their diesels, not their hybrids, nothing.

  2. You guys get all the good cars in Europe, real cars. That is the only thing I miss from living there.

    Lucky you. Europe is the equivalent of automotive heaven, car enthusiasts, wet dream.

    I WANT the same selection of vehicles, engines and body styles here in America!

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