Tesla Model X Electric Crossover New Interior: Detroit Auto Show Live Pictures

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Unveiled live at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] is giving us new ideas as to what the interior of its Model X crossover may look like.

Tesla calls it an "interior exploration", giving a hint as to the different colors and trim materials you can expect from the production Model X.

The work has been done by Tesla Design Studio, and uses a mix of white and black leathers to bring contrast to the three rows of seats--the back rows, of course, accessed via the unusual 'falcon wing' rear doors.

The black and white theme continues to the dashboard facia, dominated by the same huge touchscreen display you'll find in the Model S sedan--albeit mounted proud of the dashboard.

The exterior, also contrasting in black and white, is unchanged from the last time we saw the Model X.

Much of the Model X's hardware is based on that in the Model S, with 60 kWh and 85 kWh battery options. Befitting its crossover body, the Model X will also offer electric all-wheel drive. Production is expected to begin in late 2013.

For more live photos, news and specifications from the show floor, head over to our Detroit Auto Show page.


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Comments (13)
  1. The middle row of black seats looked like they were put in there by accident, since the other two rows of seats are in white.

  2. I liked the old interior with the wood trim better, and what happened to the Opportunity Console?

  3. The enormous touchscreen doesn't look integrated into the dashboard. The grill opening looks like it's frowning - not a pleasant look for a car.

  4. Think of it more like a mustache than a grille and you might start to like it!

  5. Can someone refresh my memory about the Model X's interior, please? Is the third row of seats standard or can one order it withut the third row?

    Hard to comment about the pictures for me. I generally like everything but the real test comes in person so we'll see at the show next week for me. The screen looks a little unbalanced to me since it doesn't seem to be anchored for production yet, but I'm guessing that will eventually look fine when finished and ready for production.

    I'll never be a fan of the grille, but I can live with it...

  6. Third row seats are standard/mandatory ...

  7. Thanks, John. Not my first preference, as I would never need them, but certainly not a deal breaker at all, either, and I understand the need to limit manufacturing options to keep overall costs down, so no complaint at all about the decision, even if I don't need the extra row myself.

  8. It's easy to forget that the "U" in SUV is for "utility". This interior reminded me of that fact like a punch in the face. The Model S is like a kiss on the lips, and to each their own.

  9. I'm sure the production Model X will be as awesome as Model S, especially the Performance AWD version. I do hope they can do a better job of integrating the touchscreen into the dash. It just looks a bit awkward.

  10. IMHO, Model S looks way better than the model X.

  11. The X looks better in person. Also, the side-view mirrors changed from the February 2012 prototype. They are now realistic.

  12. Well, I don't like "girly" looking "SUVs" that have soft lines. (ex: Lexus RX350). To me SUV needs to have some "macho" lines. I like more boxy or square SUVs and trucks. But that is my personal opinion.

    Then again, I would call the Model X more a SAV or crossover instead of SUV since it is "car" based taller wagon...

    Saw another Model S on the hwy today. It seems like I am seeing new ones every week... I saw a Brown colored one today. That is the 7th Tesla S that I have seen.

    I have seen Red, Black, Brown, Silver, White and Pearl colors. They only ones that I haven't seen are the Grey, Blue and Green colors...

    So far, I like the Red ones the most, followed by the Silver and Black.

  13. The legroom looks pretty tight in the back, it doesn't look very comfortable for either row.

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