2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid First To Meet SULEV20 Standards

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Honda's 2014 Accord Plug-In Hybrid has become the first vehicle to meet California's latest new emissions standard.

The plug-in Accord's per-mile output of only 20 milligrams of smog-forming emissions allows it to meet the California Air Resources Board's new SULEV20 standards.

SULEV20, or "Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle 20" is one-third cleaner than the previous standard, and more stringent than any other in the U.S. The cleanest Accord is not only the first to meet the new emissions regulations, but also already meets 2025's greenhouse gas emission standards.

The Accord Plug-In Hybrid is the latest in a line of Hondas to be first meeting new emissions standards.

The 1996 Civic was first to meet Low Emission Vehicle standards, while the 1998 Accord was first to meet Super Low Emission Vehicle targets. The 2000 Accord followed as the first to meet Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle standards.

Next was the 2001 Civic GX natural-gas vehicle, which attained Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle (AT PZEV) status. Most recently, the 2003 Civic Hybrid was the first hybrid to meet the same AT PZEV regulations.

The 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid is now in production, and when it goes on sale it's set to offer some impressive economy figures, as well as low emissions.

In electric mode, the Plug-In achieves EPA rated mileage of 124 MPGe city and 105 MPGe highway. In standard hybrid mode, mileage of 47 mpg city, 46 highway and 46 combined is on offer.

Pricing starts from $39,780 and the first cars go on sale January 15, in California and New York.


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Comments (9)
  1. Very impressive, keep up the good work Honda.

  2. "In electric mode, the Plug-In achieves EPA rated mileage of 124 MPGe city and 105 MPGe highway."

    All those statement should have an "*" to it. It is ONLY true if driven inside the EPA test condition and range. (< 11 miles)

    This just opens doors for more and more auto makers to game the EPA MPGe test...

    Shame! Really.

  3. You will never see this anywhere but in government auto pools because Honda will lose money on every one made.Honda has never had successful Hybrids and if one is concerned about true mileage Honda had this problem first and much worse then Toyota.Hyundai and Ford.Then take a look at that thing it's pretty awful looking.Honda never planned to build many of these it was just to meet an obligation .

  4. @Peter: That's not entirely true.

    Honda is actually the second largest seller of hybrid cars, after Toyota, since its first launched in 1999. Toyota has sold a total of about 4 million; Honda has sold about 1 million; and no other maker has exceeded 200,000.

    I would say that rather contradicts your "Honda has never had successful hybrids" statement, wouldn't you?

  5. It all depends on your definition of success. You could call Honda "the 2nd most successful manufacturer of hybrid automobiles in the world."

  6. Like most hybrids and especially plug-ins, it just costs too much for the average Joe. I'd consider it at $26k and NO MORE.

  7. If you have short commute (13 miles or less), this plugin will be more efficient than Ford Energi and Volt.

    If you can charge at work, total 26 EV miles would be good for numbers of people.

    Remember, this is a plugin hybrid so, gas engine efficiency is important as well. 46 MPG combined is great. Will the real-world figure live up to the estimated EPA number?

    Superior (cleaner, more powerful, efficient and roomier) PHVs are now available / coming out. The days of compact 4 seater plugins are over.

  8. Is that why Honda keep improving its 2 seater compact coupe CR-Z?

    Your hate toward the Volt is tiring..

    Learn to drive with "fun" before you spew more stupid hate. Some people actually like to drive a FUN car instead of boring, unsafe and ugly transportation shoebox...

  9. How come nobody show a picture of the Accord Plugin's trunk?

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