Skyfall Sequel: Five James Bond Cars For A New Green Age

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Daniel Craig as James Bond, Agent 007, in Skyfall, with Aston Martin DB5

Daniel Craig as James Bond, Agent 007, in Skyfall, with Aston Martin DB5

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James Bond, Agent 007, has now been driving his Aston Martin DB5 sports cars since 1964.

With the new film, Skyfall, opening tomorrow, we thought we'd propose some new motor cars for Commander Bond.

He's ventured into many other vehicles, including airplanes, submarines, and newer Aston Martins, but his roadgoing cars have all burned gasoline.

Now, with growing concern over global carbon emissions and a wave of newer, greener cars hitting the market, we thought 007 might want to branch out a bit.

We'd be comfortable seeing Bond climb out of any of these five green cars.

Whether it's in front of a casino in Monte Carlo, behind an anonymous apartment block in a grim formerly Soviet city, or inside the Thames-side London building where M works, the post-Skyfall Bond can consider any of these sexy yet efficient cars.

Whether Bond wears an immaculate tuxedo or a skin-tight rubber diving suit--or carries a drink in one hand and a gorgeous double-agent female spy (or is she actually a triple agent?) on the other arm--these five green cars would suit the 007 image in a new day.

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  1. The Tesla Roadster would be a great Bond car, it could sneak into enemy territory silently and then make a fast getaway. The Citroën DS5 Hybrid would make a chase seen through Paris look really good. But I think the villain should drive the Karma, so at the end you'd get that bad guy dying in a ball of fire after he shoots off the end of a pier scene. And then Bond could say something like "now that's what I call bad karma".

  2. The Rimac Concept One mentioned in Anthony Ingram’s “Five Electric Supercars We Want In Our Garage” article would easily fit in a Bond movie. It is one kick butt car. or

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