2013 Honda CR-Z: Paris Auto Show Live Photos

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Honda's updated CR-Z hybrid hatchback may not have been one of the stars of the Paris Auto Show, but with a power boost and some styling tweaks it's welcome all the same.

With a boost in power from 122 to 135 horspower, the new model knocks over half a second from the old car's 0-62 mph time, now completing the sprint in 9 seconds flat.

The CVT model is a tenth behind that, and both benefit from a new S+ boost mode, which provides ten seconds of extra power for those overtaking moves or for joining freeways.

Official fuel economy figures on the European cycle are unchanged, so we're not expecting any big news from the EPA either, but the extra power should make the CR-Z a more desirable drive.

It's now better to look at too, as you can see in our live photo gallery.

A new front facia improves the front end styling, but the most noticeable addition is that of LED daytime running lights, already a feature of European models but new to U.S. cars.

A couple of new paint finishes are also available, including the striking deep purple you see above. Suits the CR-Z's compact shape, dontcha think?

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Comments (2)
  1. "Deep Purple?" as in the "Highway Star" Deep Purple? But no 8-cylinders.

    I think it looks fantastic. The hybrid systems seems not so impressive. However at 37 MPG combined, it is significantly more fuel efficient that either the Mini Cooper or Fiat 500 which are about 30 MPG combined.

  2. I like the looks of this car. But it either needs to get 45-50 MPG as is. Or 35-40 MPG with a 160 HP engine. It also would help sales if they actually made it a little larger, maybe just an 1" here and there. The legroom is too tight for 6 footers, I am 6' 4" and a simple 1 inch more legroom and height would make a world of difference. I actually like the storage idea instead of a back seat as I have no kids. But the rearview window area needs to redesigned so people can actually see behind them. If they made these changes I would buy over other hot hatches any day due to the real world MPG savings, good looks, drivability and Honda reliability. So close yet so far away.

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