Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept Heralds New Q2 Crossover

Audi is previewing the future of the compact crossover with a Paris Auto Show concept it calls the Crosslane Coupe.

The Crosslane Coupe features lightweight construction and a fuel-saving, dual-mode hybrid drivetrain, which could potentially make it into the production version, reportedly called the Q2.

Audi’s dual-mode hybrid system consists of a turbocharged 1.5-liter combustion engine, two electric motors, a single-stage transmission and a 17.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Three drive modes are offered, including battery power, battery plus alternator-generator power and internal combustion power, each speed dependent.

On battery power alone (limited to speeds of under 34 miles per hour), the Crosslane Coupe has a range of some 53 miles. At speeds between 34-81 mph, the combustion engine and alternator produce electricity to charge the battery or power the drive motor.

At speeds above 81 miles per hour, the internal combustion engine takes over as the Crosslane Coupe’s primary means of propulsion (but with supplemental power from the batteries). The net result, Audi claims, is fuel economy that can exceed 200 mpg with fully-charged batteries.

Helping the Crosslane Coupe’s fuel economy is its lightweight construction, based around a “multi-material” spaceframe that could see production in the Q2.

The main structure is built from aluminum, supplemented by front and rear crash structures made from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP). Other body structures are built from glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP), also for reduced weight and added strength.

The net result is that the Crosslane weighs less than 3,100 pounds, despite its dual-mode hybrid drivetrain.

Audi Crosslane coupe concept

Audi Crosslane coupe concept

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Inside, the Crosslane offers 2+2 seating, a moveable trunk for maximum cargo flexibility and a removable roof that offers occupants the joy of open-air motoring.

It’s not known how many of the concept’s innovations will make it into the Audi Q2 crossover, but it’s a relatively safe bet that the production version will closely resemble the concept in appearance.

Even if the dual-mode hybrid system isn’t put into production, it’s reasonable to expect the Q2 to come to market with a range of fuel-efficient diesel engine offerings.


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Comments (8)
  1. I don't get it. Is this a two passenger crossover? Is there much of a market for that?

    It looks great and the plug-in hybrid drive train sounds interesting. But the claims seem exaggerated.

    53 miles on a 17.4 KWH battery seems unlikely given the Volt's 38 mile range on 16 KWH. However, the Audi does weigh less than the Volt, so maybe.

    And, as usual, the 200 mpg claim is completely bogus and should not have been passed to readers without a disclaimer. They might just as well have claimed infinite miles per gallon. Expect to see a 100 MPGe rating from the EPA.

    But still nice to see the lightweight technology. At 3,100 lbs with a 17.4 KWH battery included, that is very impressive.

  2. Oh, and the name? "Crosslane" Does that mean the drivers of this Audi will be obstructing the flow of traffic all the time?

  3. John, that brought a smile to my face...

    You raise valid concerns on range and MPGe, but you also hit the nail on the head with weight - the key takeaway from the Crosslane Concept is the effort Audi is putting into shaving pounds. Let's hope it can afford to use the same multi-material space frame in the Q2.

  4. Thank you for the kind and thoughtful reply.

    The lightweight technology is very cool.

  5. But these MPG claims are so annoying. GCR publishes two articles a couples of hours apart related to the Paris auto show.
    1) 200 MPG Audi plug-in hybrid.
    2) 94 MPG BMW plug-in hybrid.

    Yeah, well someone is not being very upfront about their numbers. And these PR pieces should be called out for the nonsense that they are. Wait for EPA numbers.

  6. Why can't there be a place in the market for a 2 good seater?

    The numbers look nice, but like John I would put the 200 mpg in the wait and see catagorey.

  7. "2 good seater" good 2 seater"

  8. Rich, I agree with both you and John. Concepts are often shown with hopelessly optimistic numbers, since manufacturers know they won't be held accountable. If the cars see production, "necessary changes" will reduce the (unattainable) fuel economy or range.

    I can't wait to see the production numbers for the Porsche 918 hybrid, for example, because I seriously doubt they'll match Porsche's projections.

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