BMW Buyers Not All That Thrilled With Stop-Start System

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2013 BMW 3-Series Sports Wagon

2013 BMW 3-Series Sports Wagon

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Stop-start systems have been around for many years now, cutting the engine when stopped in order to save a little gas.

The technology is more refined in some cars than it is in others, and many drivers of BMWs with stop-start have decided it's a little too much hassle.

In a BMW press release, the maker states that some drivers have "expressed the desire to deactivate this function in certain situations".

While drivers can press a button to deactivate BMW's MSA Automatic Stop/Start, the system reactivates automatically the next time the car is driven.

BMW now says customers can take their cars in to the dealer to have the system set to "last user mode", whereby the stop-start remains in whatever setting it was when the engine was last switched off.

BMW also confirms that its "M" performance models are already set to last user mode.

Is the new option a sign that BMW's stop-start system is occasionally too intrusive to be a usable feature? Or could it suggest that the driving style of some BMW drivers isn't conducive to the system's operation?

We'll let you decide that one...


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  1. It is really an advantage with a full hybrid like the Prius. The electric motor can start you moving and the gas engine can come on a split second later with out you noticing.

    In the story I read about this feature, it sounded buggy. Some customers had to "restart" the car manually after it had "auto" shut off.

  2. I have a BMW but stop/start came out the next year. But I recently had a loaner while my car was in for service it was a 535i with stop/start. And yes I can say I didn't like it, when the car shuts down there is a slight vibration and you get the sense that the car has stalled. It made me nervous every time, I also had my mother in the car at one point and she hated it so much she said "turn it off it makes me worry that it won't restart". It was unnerving I've owned many classic cars and I know what it's like to stall in traffic and fail to restart quickly, stop/start feels like stalling out, I did not like feeling as though I was going to be stranded on the side of the road every time the engine cut out.

  3. But the real question is did it start back up as it was supposed to? And did it operate smoothly when starting back up?

  4. It worked but it's not smooth, hybrids are smooth. There is a certain vibration BMW's system gives off that feels like the car is stalling out. In hybrids I've driven the engine suddenly just goes quiet and it's just off, when the BMW X6 hybrid's engine shuts down you feel nothing. Maybe BMW's stop/start just isn't very good in ICE only cars.

  5. I imagine the gas saved is small compared with the speed most BMW drivers drive at...

  6. The only way auto stop is seamless and really sucessful is with something like a Prius.In manual transmission cars the Honda integrated flywheel motor is the best as its instant and totally silent. A driver can choose to activate or not simply by gear shift position when stationary.

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