Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar: More Details Revealed

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Last week we brought you news that the latest high-tech electric supercar was now available to order.

Made by Croatian firm Rimac and known as the Concept_One, the sleek vehicle will go on sale for a not-so-sleek $980,000.

The video above explains in more detail how the car's propulsion system works, with a motor for each wheel (though not in-wheel motors), and a Bugatti Veyron-rivaling 1,088 horsepower.

The motors themselves are high-tech, with a carbon fiber and aluminum housing, and liquid cooling. Torque vectoring enables the Concept_One to corner with confidence, applying exactly as much power as is needed to the road.

Rimac claims a 372-mile range for the Concept_One, using 92 kWh of LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries--essentially a lithium-ion design, but with a longer life and higher peak power ratings.

The split-spoke monoblock wheels are custom-designed by HRE, and the tires handling all that power are bespoke Vredestein items.

According to Autoweek, the car will be making an appearance at the Top Marques Monaco show at the Grimaldi Forum, no doubt lining up alongside other supercars--though probably not all of them electric.

The Rimac still has pedigree though. While the exterior was penned by up-and-coming Austrian designer Adriano Mudri, the interior was the work of former Pininfarina designers, and trimmed by Belgian luxury specialist, Vilner.

Only 88 will be sold, and if you're suitably wealthy and so inclined, there are still some left.


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Comments (7)
  1. Beautiful car. Hopefully, the technology and body style will be picked up by the major automakers. I won't hold my breath though.

  2. If you get on Rimac's website it looks like Rimac will sell you the electric powertrain components found in the Concept One. I'd love to strip out a 1980's Lamborghini and install Rimac's motors, controllers, and batteries.

  3. An electric Countach? Sounds good to me!

  4. Where did the magic number of 88 come from?

  5. Stylistically, way too busy to ever become a classic - the rear windows are especially all out of proportion and look hunchbacked.
    Imagine replacing one of those solid billet wheels down the road - assuming one could ever find one. Totally impractical.

  6. The wheels are made by HRE, I'm sure HRE could make you a new set if you needed it.

  7. Are you a gasser industry implant? The vast majority of your EV comments are negative. If you feel that way towards EVs, why do you bother coming to this site? To discourage and spread misinformation? It's not working because most of the EV followers already know how practical the technology is.

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