GM Releases New 2012 Chevy Volt Ad, Airs It First On Fox, Its Foe

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One day after General Motors CEO Dan Akerson fended off occasionally fact-free Congressional attacks on the Chevrolet Volt and its safety, it has doubled-down on promoting the Volt with a TV ad buy featuring well-known TV and movie star Tim Allen. 

The ad, which shows the Volt assembly line snaking through the city of Hamtramck where the Volt is built, sends the message that the Volt isn’t just important to GM, but the entire city of Detroit. 

“This isn’t just the car we wanted to build,” Allen narrates as we see images of the Volt production line pass through residential areas and across intersections. “It’s the car America had to build."

According to, the 30-second short hints at a longer Chevrolet ad rumored to debut during the Super Bowl, complete with interviews with residents of Hamtramck. 

Hamtramck Chevy Volt Ad

Hamtramck Chevy Volt Ad

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There’s one snippet of information about the ad that made us chuckle: according to Chevrolet spokesman Rob Peterson, the 30-second ad will debut on the Fox News network.

Yes, the very same Fox that regularly tries to character-assassinate Chevrolet and its plug-in car.

It seems that sometimes, revenge takes time. 

As for the choice of Tim Allen as narrator? That’s simple. The ad is about the people of Detroit, not just the factory where the Volt is built. 

And Allen is a Detroit native to his very core. 


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Comments (8)
  1. That may not work; it didn't show off the Volt's really good qualities. The Volt would be a very nice car, if GM would just get their heat out of the GOP's ass and do something with that battery and lower that greedy price. It is like GM doesn't realize that 90% of their customers are working class people who cannot afford that price; it is more than most people's houses costs.

  2. Ah, yes, James, your usual nonsense about how GM is a "GOP company," as always, backed by absolutely nothing in the way of facts. Even better, $34,000 (Volt base price after tax benefit) is, in your deluded mind, more "than most people's houses cost."

    Well, you're off by about $150k-$200k, but for you, that's not bad. Of course, $34,000 doesn't take into account the savings on gas, but apparently, you and many others don't want to acknowledge the savings since objectivity isn't the point with you. Ever. For me, about a $150-$170 month savings in gas based on confirmed electricity prices and an 80/20 electric mix. Over five years, that's another $9k or so. So, again, is the Volt at $25k (close to Cruze)still too expensive w/ a Nav. system?

  3. This commercial is a home run. It’s not about selling the car, it is about reminding people that the Volt is providing jobs, advancing technology, and making the world a better place for our kids. I contend that they do need a commercial showing the car zipping down the highway looking all sexy as it passes a gas station. I think this is just to send FOX a message. GM isn’t your punching bag, we’re proud employees and customers supporting American Manufacturing.

  4. It's a great ad. It's about why the car is important. It's speaks to the desire many of us have to see this car, and the change it embodies, succeed. And it's very patriotic, and sort of humble. Not bad for 30 seconds.

  5. Sorry, guys, but I hated it. It doesn't make me want to buy that car, it makes me want to start learning Chinese. It's like Chevy is saying, "This is our last shot. If someone doesn't buy this car soon, then America will collapse."

    Here is a suggestion. How about they make a commercial that show someone actually driving the car.

  6. They have already.

  7. I don't think they could have made a better ad, it makes a very good point in just the right subtle way. I think they should continue with a positive ad campaign for the rest of the year, consumers would start to gain interest and start heading back into the dealerships for a test drive. Politicians have tried to use the Volt in a negative way to further their campaigns, it's about time the Volt went on a campaign of it's own.

  8. Too bad the ad is so weak. An assembly line snaking through town? Come on Chevy, you can do better than this. You owe it to America to make them want to buy these cars.

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