Lyle Dennis, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Lyle Dennis conceived of as a place for like-minded people to convene to bear witness to and participate in the nascent electric car revolution.

Lyle is a neurologist and lifetime New Yorker who gained national recognition thorough his other site which has helped play a role in getting GM to move its Chevy Volt electric car concept into production.

He believes strongly in displacing petroleum as a fuel source for the US automotive fleet instead shifting to the electric grid for both energy diversity and reduced US petroleum dependence.

He continues to play an acitve role encouraging adoption, manufacture, and infrastructure development for electric vehicles.


Obama to Announce Plan Requiring Cars Average 35 MPG by 2016

Obama to Announce Plan Requiring Cars Average 35 MPG by 2016

On Tuesday, President Obama will lay out a new proposal that aims to require strict national standards for passenger car emissions. In an effort to make good on his promise to mirror the requirements California wishes to set, he will mandate that passenger cars reduce CO2 emissions an average of...

May 18, 2009
2009 Fisker Karma

EnerDel Signs Letter of Intent to Supply Batteries for the Fisker Karma

  EnerDel is the Indiana-based lithium-ion battery manufacturer that is currently the supplier for the Think City electric car. The company just announced that they have... read more May 8, 2009

2012 Tesla Model S prototype

Tesla Model S May Fail to Deliver on its Hype

Most EV enthusiasts are excited about the sleek Tesla Model S electric sedan, but a recent report suggests we might need to temper our enthusiasm. It is after all a concept... read more May 4, 2009


Honda Sells 2096 Insights in April

Honda began selling its new second generation 2010 Insight in the US in late March. By the end of April those cars were just barely getting to dealerships. Yet, according to... read more May 1, 2009


New Electric Car Smart Charger Unveiled

Engineers at the Northwest National Laboratory in Washington have developed a new charging device for future electric cars. The so-called smart charger wirelessly... read more May 1, 2009


EEStor Provides More Information About its Recent Permittivity Announcement

Last week the secretive Texas-based company EEStor issued a press release indicating that its proprietary modified barium titanate powder achieved a permittvity of 22,500. ... read more April 27, 2009


Ford Fusion Hybrid Breaks 1000 Miles on a Single Tank of Fuel, One Third of Tank Remains

The Ford Fusion Hybrid challenge to see if the car could travel more than 1000 miles on a single tank of fuel was started at 8:15 a.m. on Saturday, April 25 in Virginia and... read more April 27, 2009


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