Lyle Dennis, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Lyle Dennis conceived of as a place for like-minded people to convene to bear witness to and participate in the nascent electric car revolution.

Lyle is a neurologist and lifetime New Yorker who gained national recognition thorough his other site which has helped play a role in getting GM to move its Chevy Volt electric car concept into production.

He believes strongly in displacing petroleum as a fuel source for the US automotive fleet instead shifting to the electric grid for both energy diversity and reduced US petroleum dependence.

He continues to play an acitve role encouraging adoption, manufacture, and infrastructure development for electric vehicles.


Cash for Clunkers Program Passed by Congress

Cash for Clunkers Program Passed by Congress

  Late Thursday the US Senate passed the $106 billion war appropriations bill which had previously been passed by the House of Representatives.  Included in the bill was a $1 billion provision called "cash for clunkers."  This money is earmarked to give to US consumers who purchase new...

June 18, 2009
Coda electric sedan

Coda Automotive Unveils New Mainstream All-Electric Sedan

Coda Automotive is a brand new car company that has been formed under the stewardship of Miles Rubin of Miles Automotive. On June 3rd the company unveiled itself as well as a... read more June 3, 2009


EEStor VP Says EESUs to be Delivered by End of 2009

  The drama that is EEStor continues to unfold.  The secretive company is known to be working on developing a radical new type of battery that offers several times the... read more June 1, 2009

2010 Toyota Prius

Hybrids Expected to Account for 20% of US Cars Sales by 2020

JP Morgan issued its annual hybrid report on May 22. The 88 page document seems fairly bullish on the prospects for hybrid-electric cars. Analysts believe hybrids will... read more May 27, 2009


First Driver Gets His Mini E, Mine is Coming Very Soon

USA today featured an interview with Peter Trepp, a venture capitalist from California.  Peter became the first person in the nation to officially receive his all-electric... read more May 25, 2009


Zenn Motors Confirms EEStor Technology Milestone

EEStor is a company purportedly on the cusp of commercializing a potentially disruptive technology. EEStor president, former hard drive scientist Dick Weir has been trying to... read more May 21, 2009


Researchers Take Battery Out of Electric Car and Power the Road Instead

Korean researchers have devised a new approach to electric cars. Instead of placing large rechargeable batteries in the cars, electric strips would be placed in the roads... read more May 20, 2009


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