V-Vehicle Co.

  • Teaser for Louisiana's new VVC plant

    Startups are hard. Automaker startups may be harder. But one of the necessary qualities in startups--tenacity--was on display recently from Next Autoworks. New name, new CEO That's the new name of the former V-Vehicles Inc., which attracted funding from famed Silicon Valley venture firm Kleiner Perkins to build a simple, high-mileage, option-free, low-cost vehicle that it believed would find a new market niche and sell in very high volumes. Next Autoworks also announced that it had hired a new CEO, Kathleen Ligocki, who replaces the interim CEO, Kleiner Perkins partner Ray Lane. He continues...

  • Teaser for Louisiana's new VVC plant
    Exclusive: VVC Reveals Its White Plastic V-Car, But No Photos

    Just a month after being turned down for low-interest loans by the U.S. Department of Energy, the reclusive V-Vehicle Co. has shown a drivable prototype of its affordable, green V-Car to Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and members of the press in Baton Rouge. While no photos were allowed, many more...

  • Teaser for Louisiana's new VVC plant
    DoE Says No, Denies Secretive Startup V-Vehicle Loan Request

    Looks like secretive startup V-Vehicle Co. won't be joining Ford, Nissan, Tesla, and Fisker in getting government guarantees for low-interest loans to invest in advanced vehicle technology. Yesterday the U.S. Department of Energy turned down a $321.1 million loan application by V-Vehicle (VVC)...

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