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  • 2010 Cadillac SRX Turbo

    Well, now we know a little more about why the Cadillac SRX Plug-In Hybrid project was killed by its development team at General Motors. The culprit, according to GMInsideNews, was the lithium-ion battery pack. More specifically, it wasn't providing the efficiency gains that would have been needed to make the car viable. The SRX Plug-In Hybrid was to have been the most advanced version of a new generation of GM's Two-Mode Hybrid system. As well as refinements to its operating modes, it was to use a lithium-ion battery pack rather than the current system's older nickel-metal-hydride pack. But...

  • 2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Saturn Vue Returns As Chevy Captiva

    The shuttered Saturn brand is quickly fading from memory, but now GM plans to bring back one former Saturn model to live on in a new incarnation. But even if you're a Saturn fan, you won't be able to buy one--unless you're a business. Vue redux The compact crossover that sold for only two years as...

  • Opel Meriva electric vehicle, to be tested in Germany as part of MeRegioMobil program, 2010-2011
    GM Electric Meriva Van Tests Vehicle-to-Grid Charging in Germany

    Last summer, Karl Stracke, the vice president of global vehicle engineering of General Motors, said the company planned to test three battery-electric vehicles in different global regions. This morning, the company's Opel unit announced that it would test a fleet of Opel Meriva small minivans...

  • 2009 Saturn Astra 3dr HB XR Angular Front Exterior View
    Should I Buy a Car From a Dead Brand?

    The Pros and Cons To Buying Cars That Have Been Discontinued

  • Saturn Logo
    We Begin To See the Shift For Saturn Dealers From New to Used

    From Major Dealer to Major Used Car Lot

  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta
    Could An Alfa Romeo Be the Next Hot Hatch For Chrysler In the U.S.?

    The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Has Been Rumored To Come To the U.S.

  • 2010 Saturn Aura XR

    GM Tries To Retain Its Customers

  • 2010 Chevrolet Equinox LT
    2010 Detroit Auto Show: Lutz Lays Out (Some) GM Plug-In Plans

    Cleaning up a few odds and ends from last week's 2010 Detroit Auto Show brings us to General Motors' future product plans for plug-in hybrids. In the crush of reporters asking questions (known as the "scrum") after a GM announcement, a few more nuggets came to light. GM showed its striking and...

  • 2010 Audi A3 TDI named Green Car of the Year, 2009 LA Auto Show
    Green Car Sales: Winners and Losers of 2009

    It's beginning to look as if the worst is over for U.S. auto sales. The year that just closed was, in the immortal words of Queen Elizabeth II, an annus horribilis, with only 10.4 million vehicles sold, down 21 percent on 2008 and the lowest total since 1982. But some light seems to be appearing on...

  • 2009 Fisker Karma
    Fisker Buying Delaware Plant To Build Midsize 2012 Plug-In Hybrid

    At 10 am tomorrow morning, Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce that Fisker Automotive will buy the closed General Motors factory in Wilmington, Delaware, his home state. According to reports, company founder Henrik Fisker will join Delaware Governor Jack Markell and other dignitaries...

  • Vehicle being crushed, from Argonne National Laboratory video
    Your Tax $$$ At Work: Argonne Lab's Better Batteries, Greener Fuels

    If you watch TV or read the papers, you'll see lots of coverage of people who are pretty unhappy with one facet or another of the U.S. government. This post is about something government seems to do relatively well: pre-commercial research and development. Here at, we usually...

  • 2009 teaser shot of Buick crossover plug-in hybrid, a rebadged Saturn Vue quickly dubbed the 'Vuick'
    GM's Plug-In Hybrid: Not a Saturn, Not a Buick, Will Try Again

    Just two weeks ago, we reported that GM's first plug-in hybrid vehicle--originally meant to be a Saturn Vue before GM decided to sell Saturn to Pennske--would become a Buick crossover. My, how quickly things change in the new Internet world. As GM said Wednesday on its Fastlane blog, "not all the...

  • 2009 teaser shot of Buick crossover plug-in hybrid, a rebadged Saturn Vue quickly dubbed the 'Vuick'

    Well, the other shoe finally dropped. General Motors said today that the plug-in version of its Two-Mode Hybrid system would be fitted to a Buick crossover to be introduced next year, with the plug-in arriving in 2011. That'll be at least a few months after the arrival of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, which is still said to be on track to arrive in dealerships in November 2010. The unnamed Buick model will be the first plug-in hybrid sold by a major automaker (e.g. not Tesla or Fisker). Using Volt technology GM also said the vehicle will feature a lithium-ion battery pack using the same LG Chem...

  • 2009 Saturn Vue Hybrid
    GM Mild Hybrid System To Return In 2011, On Steroids

    As Mark Twain is supposed to have said, "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." (Although, sadly, he actually didn't say it.) In this case, the "my" is the General Motors mild-hybrid powertrain, sometimes known as the Belt-Alternator-Starter or BAS system. And it will return for 2011...

  • Saturn Logo
    Penske to Buy Saturn: Small and Efficient Is the Mantra For the Future

    Possible Outlet For Foreign Manufacturers To Break Into US Market

  • 2010 Opel Astra
    2010 Opel Astra: Could This Be the Small Car Buick Is Missing

    What Brand Will the New Astra Land Under

  • Saturn Vue Plug-in
    Saturn Vue Plug-in Hybrid Will Live on as a New Brand and Model

    Everything at GM is undecided at this point. At least almost everything.  GM has decided that the progress made on the 2-mode plugin hybrid powertrain and  is simply too much to lose. Though Saturn support will be ending, the engineering behind the planned Saturn VUE plug-in hybrid will live. The...

  • AFS Saturn Vue 150 mpg Plug-in
    AFS Trinity Heads To Washington With 150 mpg Plug-in Saturn Vue Looking For Funds

    AFS Trinity, the group that touts their 150 mpg Saturn Vue plug-in around the country is made at least their second trip to Washington D.C. in hopes of securing funds from the Department of Energy (DOE for short). In January of this year, AFS applied for $2.5 billion in loans from the DOE.  The...

  • 2009 Saturn Vue Hybrid

    Today General Motors announced they will cease production of the Saturn line-up at the end of the 2009 model year. This is a sad day for die-hard fans, who embraced Saturn's "different kind of car company" credo. But this is also a major set-back to GM's plan for a complete line-up of battery electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles. Saturn accounted for a third of GM's hybrid sales in 2008, and with today's announcement that the Saturn brand will be discontinued also came word that none of the Saturn vehicles will be re-badged as anything else. According to GM, the re-badging...

  • Mazda Decides Not to Join the EV Race

    If this year's Detroit Auto Show taught me any one lesson, it was that every automaker is developing a line-up of electric vehicles, from plug-in hybrids to battery-electric vehicles. Every display boasted at least one new or improved electric vehicle, from the modest and somewhat dull BYD set to...

  • coulomb-gmsaturnvuepluginhybrid3_540x459
    The Right Cord for the Electric Car

    Saturn Vue Plug-In Hybrid If you envision your future electric car being connected to the wall with the standard bright orange extension cord, you're living in the past. The growing interest in electric vehicles is already leading to advances in cord technology. To make sure that there's no Blu-Ray...

  • desktop_sky_4_800
    Fisker Karma Gets GM's Ecotec

    Fisker announced Friday that they've chosen GM's turbocharged 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder Ecotec engine to extend the range of their plug-in hybrid performance sedan. The Fisker Karma has an electric-only range of 50 miles. After that, the Ecotec will kick in to generate more electricity. This is the...

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