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Chargepoint partners with Greenlots to expand access for drivers

Chargepoint partners with Greenlots to expand access for drivers

Forget five-minute fill-ups. What seems to drive many electric car drivers crazy is making sure the charger they find has the right connector, how fast the charger is (in kilowatts), and whether they have the right credentials to activate it. Without a single one of these parameters, you may not be... read more

December 26, 2018 by -
2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC

Rivian fast charging, Volkswagen electrics, Trump vs GM: The Week in Reverse

Which upcoming electric car has a battery pack engineered to be upgraded to 800 volts? What company plans to do more serious marketing of electric cars' strengths? This is... read more December 22, 2018 by

Uber self-driving car

Faster Rivian charging, Tesla Autopilot chip, new Honda battery tech: Today's Car News

Samsung might be supplying Tesla's promised new Autopilot chips in the spring. Honda reveals a new battery that could have 10 times the range of today's lithium-ion cells... read more December 21, 2018 by

2017 Tesla Model S testing at Consumer Reports

Future Tesla Autopilot chips may come from Samsung self-driving push

The race to build self-driving cars is heating up, with Google (Waymo), Tesla, Uber, Lyft, Ford, GM (Cruise), and others all vying to build the first reliable self-driving... read more December 21, 2018 by

EVgo charging station in Union City, California with resused BMW i3 battery backup

A million electric cars sold in the U.S., led by California

Drivers are buying electric cars, and advocates are keeping track. Last month, Veloz, an electric car advocacy organization consisting of regulators, automakers, charging... read more December 21, 2018 by

Honda Clarity Electric at Honda R&D Center, Tochigi, Japan, June 2017

Honda presents new battery chemistry that could succeed lithium-ion

Researchers from around the world are looking for the successor to the lithium-ion battery for electric cars, power tools, and electronics—one that will store more... read more December 21, 2018 by

Rivian R1T electric pickup concept

Rivian electric pickup, SUV ready for future 800V upgrade—possibly in 2022

The Michigan-based electric-vehicle hopeful Rivian claims that its upcoming R1T pickup and R1S sport-utility vehicle, both revealed last month around the LA Auto Show, will... read more December 21, 2018 by

Boring Company opens first test tunnel in LA, Dec. 2018

Nissan muscles up electric marketing, VW ID testing, Tesla fire: Today's Car News

A new Chinese electric carmaker plans to sell electric cars in the U.S. via the owner of the defunct automaker Coda. A new Tesla Model S unexpectedly caught... read more December 20, 2018 by

2020 Volkswagen ID Neo spy shots

VW releases video of electric ID hatchback testing in South Africa

Volkswagen has heard the naysayers. After being caught cheating on emissions tests with its diesels and being forced to promote electric cars through various legal... read more December 20, 2018 by

2018 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S catches fire—twice—after flat tire in California

A week after reports surfaced that a 2014 fire in a Tesla Model S was caused by a bullet fired from inside the car, in the battery of another brand new Tesla Model S caught... read more December 20, 2018 by

Qiantu K50

Chinese electric sports car Qiantu K50 might be made in U.S., with Coda connection

There's quite a list of Chinese automakers that are relatively unknown outside China yet have grand plans to enter the U.S. market. The latest is China’s Qiantu Motor... read more December 20, 2018 by

2018 Nissan Leaf

How Nissan hopes to market its future electric cars

The Nissan Leaf with a roughly 60-kilowatt-hour battery was expected to make its public debut at the LA Auto Show earlier this month. It didn’t. That car is expected to... read more December 20, 2018 by

Pronto.AI self-driving car system

GM battery layoffs, Trump and fuel economy, more fast chargers: Today's Car News

Electrify America gets plans approved to build more fast chargers in California. A new study shows what the Trump administration is missing about how fuel-economy standards... read more December 19, 2018 by

2017 Tesla Model S testing at Consumer Reports

How often do you use Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot? Twitter poll results

After Elon Musk's announcement last week imploring Tesla owners to try the company's new Navigate on Autopilot software, and promising that the system will allow Teslas to... read more December 19, 2018 by

Electrify America DC fast chargers at San Francisco Premium Outlets, Livermore, California

California approves next Electrify America fast-charge rollout

Electrify America's second round of electric-car charging installations has won approval from the California Air Resources Board. The company announced plans for its second... read more December 19, 2018 by

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric cars outside dealership    [photo: Patrick Reid]

Study finds what Trump is missing about fuel economy: Poor people don't buy new cars

Rising fuel economy standards make driving more affordable for low-income households, not less as the Trump administration argues, according to a new study by the Consumer... read more December 19, 2018 by



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