Obama Administration To Add 10,000 Hybrids To Government Fleet

Obama Administration To Add 10,000 Hybrids To Government Fleet

President Barack Obama may not achieve his goal of 1 million plug-in electric cars on U.S. roads by the end of 2015. But his administration continues to try to green the U.S. vehicle fleet. The latest salvo: The government's General Services Agency plans to add an additional 10,000 hybrid vehicles... read more

April 25, 2013 by - 6
President Obama inspects the 2011 Chevrolet Volt

Obama: Use Oil & Gas Lease Dollars To Fund Gasoline-Free Cars

The sequester is now with us, and Congress has lower approval ratings than South American death squads, but President Obama is doggedly pursuing his green agenda nonetheless... read more March 15, 2013 by 12

Traffic in China

China Slows On Electric Cars To Focus On Fuel Efficiency

Several years ago, the U.S. auto industry worried that Chinese carmakers would use inexpensive cars to gain a foothold here, just as Japanese and Korean makers had done. That... read more March 13, 2012 by 5

Gas pump

All Taxes Are Automatically Always Bad; Are Potholes Worse?

We've written before about the growing shortfall in gasoline tax revenues versus the highway and bridge repairs those taxes are supposed to fund. The Federal Highway Trust... read more December 16, 2011 by 8

Corn Ethanol Pump

U.S. Now Uses More Corn For Ethanol Than Anything Else

You call it "corn", we call it "fuel" -- at least in the United States. Recent statistics show that, for the first time in history, America is using more corn to fill gas... read more October 12, 2011 by 2

President Obama inspects the 2011 Chevrolet Volt

Obama Administration Buys Electric Cars, Charging Stations

The President may be currently abroad experiencing the horror of European ramps, but his government has been busy at home ordering the very cars its stimulus program has... read more May 25, 2011 by 2

2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8

DoE's Chu Hopes Chrysler Can Play With Big Kids, Get Loans At Last

Well, looks like Chrysler is getting closer to playing with the big kids at last. The back-from-bankruptcy third U.S. automaker, now effectively controlled by Italy's Fiat... read more May 17, 2011 by 1

Toyota Prius at US Capitol, by Flickr user Izik

Federal Government Saving Gas With Higher-MPG Vehicles Too

You may recall a few weeks back we reported on police forces all around the nation downsizing their vehicle fleets from big and brawny V-8 sedans to a new-generation of V-6... read more April 29, 2011 by 1

Speed Limit 55

Should The U.S. Lower Speed Limits In Order To Curtail Fuel Consumption?

The recent spike in oil prices has got the whole world focused on fuel consumption, so much so in some parts that countries are lowering their national speed limits in an... read more March 11, 2011 by 7

GM Logo

GM Says More Government Money Not Needed--Though Rivals Took It

Well, give them credit for resolve, anyway. General Motors said today it was withdrawing its applications to the U.S. Department of Energy for $14.4 billion of low-interest... read more January 27, 2011 by 8

Barack Obama

Obama Doubles Down on Plug-In Cars, More Policy Tweaks Coming

Last night, in his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama reiterated his support for expanding U.S. production and sales of plug-in cars that run on grid power... read more January 26, 2011 by 9

Public Charging Station for electric cars, courtesy Mitsubishi Motors

Installing Public Electric-Car Chargers Gets Easier In U.K.

"Planning permission" is what the Brits call the process of getting approval to build or change anything. It can involve the U.K.'s equivalent of local zoning boards... read more January 7, 2011 by 2

U.S. Capitol

House Republicans Ask Automakers Which Regulations To Kill

The U.S. Congress began its 111th session this week, and the new Republican majority in the House clearly wants to change the regulatory tenor of the U.S. government... read more January 4, 2011 by 3

Sign indicating public electric-vehicle charging station

Electric Vehicle Collaborative To Help Introduce EVs in CA

If you were to draw up a listof places least in need of encouraging towards the use of electric cars, California would probably be right up there. As well as being the home... read more December 14, 2010 by 0

2011 Chevrolet Volt

GM Confirms, Yes, We're Losing Money on Every Volt We Build

Doug Parks, vehicle line executive for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, GM's range-extended electric vehicle, confirmed Tuesday that the company loses money on every Volt it sells... read more December 2, 2010 by 34

Public Charging Station for electric cars, courtesy Mitsubishi Motors

U.S. Most Likely To Lead Electric Car Growth, Report Says

 International research consultancy firm McKinsey has just released the latest of its reports on electric cars, placing the U.S. ahead of other countries when it comes to... read more August 10, 2010 by 1



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