Detroit Electric

  • Detroit Electric SP:01 assembly

    Detroit Electric is now building cars at its U.K. assembly plant.

  • 1917 Detroit Electric Model 68, restored by Donald Davidson  [photo used with permission of EAA]
    1917 Detroit Electric Vs 2014 BMW i3: A Century Of Electric Cars

    What a difference a century makes, more or less. The 1917 Detroit Electric Model 68 in these photos was painstakingly restored over a period of years by owner Donald Davidson, who is only the car's third owner in 98 years. It's shown with Electric Auto Association board member Chris Neff's 2014 BMW...

  • Detroit Electric showroom adjacent to U.K. plant
    Detroit Electric Opens Showroom Near Car Assembly Plant In England

    Detroit Electric opens the first showroom to sell its SP:01 electric sports car.

  • 2015 Detroit Electric SP:01
    Detroit Electric SP:01 Sports Car: Final Design Announced

    The Detroit Electric SP:01 production model is changed slightly from the original prototype.

  • 2013 Detroit Electric SP:01
    Shock, Surprise: Startup Detroit Electric Won't Build In Detroit After All

    In the world of startup electric car automakers, things don't always go to plan. With the best will in the world, release dates get pushed back, prices go up and initial promises fade away as if they were never made. It may not come as much of a surprise then to learn that Detroit Electric, a small...

  • 2013 Detroit Electric SP:01
    Detroit Electric To Build Electric Sports Cars In...Holland ?!?!?

    Detroit Electric's first sports car will be a little less Detroit than first intended, it seems. The company has announced that the first of its SP:01 electric sports cars will be built not in Southeast Michigan, but in a factory in Holland, owing to delays in its plans to start production in Wayne...

  • 2013 Detroit Electric SP:01

    Detroit Electric, which earlier this year unveiled an electric sports car designed to rival vehicles like the Tesla Roadster, was set to produce its first car this month. Those plans have not yet come to fruition, reports The Detroit News--as the automaker has still not finalized a deal on its intended manufacturing facility in Plymouth, Michigan. Unveiled in April, the Detroit Electric SP:01 is the latest in a line of electric sports cars based on the chassis of the Lotus Elise--a light-weight aluminum bonded tub seemingly perfect for the installation of electric motors and batteries. While...

  • 2013 Detroit Electric SP:01
    Delays At Detroit Electric Postpone Electric Sports Car By A Month

    Forgive the cynicism, but color us not all that surprised at the news that startup automaker Detroit Electric is postponing production of its SP:01 electric sports car by "at least a month." Launched in a flurry of media attention in early April, the plug-in electric SP:01 sports coupe is...

  • Electric Vehicle Association ad, 1912
    99 Years Later, Electric Car 'Sociability Run' Honored In DC

    This is a momentous year for electric car fans: the 99th anniversary of Washington, D.C.'s historic Electric Sociability Run of 1914. To commemorate that event, enthusiasts are planning a similar rally this Memorial Day weekend. Many, if not most folks in America are familiar with today's electric...

  • 2013 Detroit Electric SP:01
    Detroit Electric SP:01 - The New Tesla Roadster?

    The Detroit Electric SP:01 you see above was teased last month, but readers will note its similarity to the British Lotus Elise sports car--albeit one with electric power. This is not, it has to be said, an original idea. The Tesla Roadster of a few years past also used a Lotus Elise chassis...

  • Detroit Electric all-electric two-seat sports car teaser photo, March 2013
    All-Electric Sports Car Coming Next Month From Detroit Startup?

    Tesla did it, Mercedes-Benz is doing it, so why can't a Detroit company do it too? In this case, "it" is building a pricey, limited-production, two-seat all-electric sports car. Detroit Electric, a famous name adopted by a five-year-old startup in the Motor City, will reveal its plans next month...

  • Volkswagen e-Bugster Concept electric car, 2012 Detroit Auto Show
    VW e-Bugster Electric Concept Live Gallery: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

    There’s something special about the Volkswagen Beetle -- or VW Bug to use its more colloquial name -- that makes us think of a car that is inherently friendly to the planet. And that’s something which Volkswagen has played on with the its Volkswagen all-electric e-Bugster concept car...

  • 1914 Detroit Electric car, owned by GE scientist Charles Steinmetz, Schenectady, NY, June 2011

    For decades, old electric cars--those built from the 1890s to 1930 or so, when the last remnants of the industry died out--were nothing more than oddities. Tall, imposing, mostly resembling closed horse carriages, they were stately but sidelined reminders of an entirely vanished way of propulsion. That was then, and this is now. With this year's arrival of two new plug-in vehicles in dealer showrooms, it's worth looking back at the days when gasoline, steam, and electric cars all shared the market. Each one had its pros and cons, adherents and detractors, but the superior range of gasoline...

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