Odds for auto startups are incredibly high; can Tesla beat them?

Odds for auto startups are incredibly high; can Tesla beat them?

Much of the energy and growth in the U.S. economy comes not from large corporations but from small startup companies, as economic data shows. By now, the model of a young, energetic entrepreneur with a bright idea who turns it into a world-changing business is well established. Think Facebook or... read more

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Aptera 2e

Saab, Aptera, Think: Can China, Russia Save Electric Cars?

Last week, something miraculous happened: after more than a year of being prepped for burial, Saab rose from the dead. Of course, there had been previous attempts to revive... read more June 21, 2012 by 9

Aptera 2e development prototype at company offices in Vista, California

Aptera: It's Baaaaaaaaack! (We'll Believe It When We See it)

This story is now a couple of weeks old, but we haven't hurried to publish it. The gist is that the unique Aptera three-wheeled electric car is supposedly going to be reborn... read more May 23, 2012 by 32

2012 Fisker Karma during road test, Los Angeles, Feb 2012

Friday 13th? Five Green Automakers Who Have All The Bad Luck

Have you noticed today’s date? Unless you’re of Italian or Spanish descent (those nations consider Tuesday the 13th and Thursday the 17th bad luck), you might... read more April 13, 2012 by 3

Employees of Aptera Motors, Vista, California, on the day it closed, Dec 2, 2011

Aptera Collapse: How & Why It Happened, A Complete Chronology

It's not the best photo, but it means a lot to the 19 people in it. Posed in front of a mirrored glass office building under a colorful logo, they are the final employees of... read more December 12, 2011 by 13

Aptera 2e

Aptera Founder Steve Fambro Gives First Interview Since Leaving Company

Steve Fambro, the man behind the revolutionary and futuristic design that was the Aptera 2e electric car, 2h plug-in hybrid and 2g ultra-high mpg gasoline car, is breaking... read more December 8, 2011 by 5

Aptera Body Shell Crushed As Company Folds

Aptera Staff Smash Prototype Electric Cars As Company Folds

At the end of last week we broke the news that Aptera, the company responsible for the futuristic three-wheeled electric car known as the Aptera 2e was closing down. Now a... read more December 7, 2011 by 25

Aptera 2e

RIP Aptera: Lessons For Startup Electric-Car Companies

On Friday, Aptera CEO Paul Wilbur sent out an email with the news that the Aptera 2e -- the all-electric, two-seat, ultra-efficient car we’ve awaited for nearly five... read more December 5, 2011 by 3

Aptera 2e

Aptera Shutting Down For Good

Aptera has just released a statement, saying it will shut down operations today. As recently as two years ago, the southern California-based Aptera had plans to introduce an... read more December 2, 2011 by 20

Aptera 2e, photo by Jason H. Harper

Aptera CEO: We’re Not Dead, Just Moving, Okay?

Aptera Motors - the Californian automaker which has been telling us for five years that it would revolutionize the world of electric vehicles - might be refunding each and... read more August 16, 2011 by 2

Aptera 2e development prototype at company offices in Vista, California

Futuristic Electric-Car Dream Dead? Aptera To Refund Deposits

It was great while it lasted, but the dream of being able to buy a sleek, three-wheeled Aptera 2e electric car seems to be receding into the distance. A month ago, the... read more August 13, 2011 by 11

Aptera 2e production intent vehicle

Aptera Answers Our Questions, Shares No New Information

Last week we told you that Aptera Motors had temporarily halted its online reservation system for its three-wheeled, two seat, ultra-efficient 2e electric car. Unusually... read more July 18, 2011 by 4

Aptera 2e development prototype at company offices in Vista, California

Aptera Struggles Toward Production Of 3-Wheel Electric Car, Maybe

One of the most remarkable--and most delayed--of the promised new generation of electric cars is the three-wheeled Aptera 2e. The unusual, highly aerodynamic vehicle was... read more May 19, 2011 by 4

Aptera 2e production intent vehicle

Aptera 2e Prototype: First Drive

As electric cars make their way to market, one funky little vehicle has captured plenty of attention for its unusual looks. That would be the Aptera 2e. The car is more than... read more October 11, 2010 by 5

Li-Ion Motors Wave II, Progressive Automotive X-Prize winner.

BREAKING: Aptera Loses Automotive X-Prize, Li-Ion Motors Triumphant

For the past few years, small and medium-sized automakers have looked towards the prestige of winning the Progressive Insurance Auto-X Prize. for the X-Prize. Initially set... read more September 16, 2010 by 14

2011 Coda Sedan prototype - charging socket

Electric Car Buying Guide

We've been watching it roll closer for years, and now it's all but here: A new era of electric cars. Just three or four months from now, the first highway-capable electric... read more August 4, 2010 by 3



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