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  • U.S. Postal Service Grumman "Long Life Vehicle"

    AM General, the firm best known for building Hummer H1s in both civilian and military versions, has been selected by a rather different governmental agency to help create a prototype with a different kind of civic duty in mind. Postal trucks, those white boxes that deliver your mail, haven't changed in decades. But that's all set to change. DON'T MISS: USPS 'Long Life' Vehicles Last 25 Years, But Age Shows Now AM General announced that it was one of six automakers selected to build a series of prototypes for the United States Postal Service. While details of the new postal carrier vehicles...

  • Bright IDEA plug-in hybrid delivery van, prototype
    GM-Backed Bright Idea Plug-In Hybrid Van To Be Built By AM General

    How times change. Startup Bright Automotive announced last week that, once the company completes its funding, its advanced plug-in hybrid Idea delivery van would be assembled under contract by AM General. That's the outfit that built the Humvee and Hummer, and spawned the now-defunct HUMMER brand...

  • Lotus Range Extender 1.2-liter, three-cylinder engine and generator
    Let the Range Extender Wars Begin: Lotus Unveils Tiny Engine

    We've written before about upcoming tiny, powerful engines that perform like much bigger versions but get far better gas mileage. Now, British sports-car maker Lotus has used those lessons in an engine designed just for the extended-range electric vehicles of the future. At next week's Frankfurt...

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