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Big Emissions Gain: Cleaning Up Dirtiest Third-World Diesels

Big Emissions Gain: Cleaning Up Dirtiest Third-World Diesels

In asking developing world countries to clean up their act when it comes to reducing automobile emissions, it's easy to sound hypocritical. A new climate change initiative, led by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will sidestep this hypocricy by addressing the sort of pollutants that are as... read more

February 20, 2012 by - 3
Smog in New York City

Nissan Exec Calls Electric Leaf Pollution "Bull"

We all know that electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions, but the claim that electric cars move the pollution from the tailpipe to the power station chimney has long been... read more December 6, 2011 by 10

Beijing Smog by Flickr user michaelhenley

Live Near It Or Sit In It: Traffic May Cause Brain Damage

There's no doubt that car manufacturers have worked incredibly hard over the past few decades to make their cars cleaner than ever. Modern cars produce a fraction of the... read more November 9, 2011 by 0

Motorcycle exhaust pipe, courtesy of Discovery Channel Mythbusters

Motorcycles Are More Polluting Than Cars, New Device Shows

When cable TV’s “MythBusters” program recently investigated the idea that emissions from motorcycles are gentler on the environment than emissions from... read more October 28, 2011 by 5

Tesla Roadster right-hand drive

Electric Cars In "No Benefit For Poor Communities" Shocker

Presumably following studies on whether bears really do defecate in the woods and to which religion the Pope actually pertains, The Greenling Institute in California has... read more August 12, 2011 by 12

Tough Tractor Trailer

New Study Links Diesel Particulates And Heart Disease

It’s no secret that diesel fumes from trucks, buses and older diesel automobiles can be linked to health issues. Those with asthma or other respiratory conditions are... read more August 3, 2011 by 3

Environmental Working Group 'Meat-Eater's Guide'

When Did Cars Become The Yardstick For Measuring Pollution?

If you've ever visited a museum or a manufacturing plant, you've probably heard a tour guide say something like this: "And if you laid all these bottles end-to-end, they'd... read more July 21, 2011 by 12

Smog in New York City

Cleaner Cars Save You Gas, Also Save Lives, Cut Health Costs

Cars that consume less fuel have many benefits, including lower gasoline costs. Now it turns out that they also bring significant public-health benefits, reducing health-care... read more May 11, 2011 by 5



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