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KTM Freeride E electric motorcycle

KTM Freeride E electric motorcycle


KTM Freeride-E

$13,000 - 3.9 kwh - 50 mi - 1.3-kw charger - 25 hp - 31 ft-lbs - 238lbs

KTM brought a limited number of Fits Freeride-E supermoto bikes to the U.S. Following a successful pilot program in 2017, the company plans to import another set of 100 or so bikes to be sold at retail (approximately $13,000).

These new bikes will have Explorer 48 forks, higher-capacity batteries, and regenerative-braking capability. They are expected to have a longer range, but that hasn’t been announced as of the publication of this article.

Lightning LS218 electric motorcycle

Lightning LS218 electric motorcycle

Lightning LS 218

$39,900 - 12 kwh - 100 mi - 8-kw charger - 200 hp - 168 ft-lbs - 495lbs

$42,900 - 16 kwh - 120 mi - 8-kw charger - 200 hp - 168 ft-lbs - 495+lbs

$46,900 - 20 kwh - 160 mi - 8-kw charger - 200 hp - 168 ft-lbs - 495+lbs

Lightning continues to make one of the best electric motorcycles available, but they can only be purchased near San Francisco where the company's factory is located.

These powerful bikes are said to be capable of a top speed of 218 mph, and they have the largest battery packs available in any electric motorcycle.

With DC fast charging, the Lightning has it all—but those capabilities come at a hefty price. The limited manufacturing means buyers can order a Lightning LS-218 and have it customized at the factory if they live near the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Lito Sora electric motorcycle

Lito Sora electric motorcycle

Lito Sora

$77,000 - 12 kwh - 124 mi - 1.3-kw charger (120V) - 60 hp - 66.4 ft-lbs - 573 lbs

Lito Sora sells a luxury electric motorcycle with a customizable seat position, key-card ignition, a leather seat, and a safe range system that works with GPS to tell the rider whether the bike will make it to a destination or needs to charge.

They are made to order.

2018 BMW C-Evolution electric scooter

2018 BMW C-Evolution electric scooter

BMW C-Evolution (electric scooter)

$14,600 - 12.5 kwh - 99 mi - 3-kw charger - 48 hp - 53 ft-lbs - 606 lbs

After several years of selling the BMW C Evolution in Europe, the powerful electric scooter finally has come to the U.S.  In 2018, it is available only in California, but BMW has also brought several of them to the East Coast for demonstrations and test rides to gauge the potential market. 

This maxi-scooter is very comfortable and has built in storage under the seat, as well as a second seat giving room for a passenger. 

Johammer electric motorcycle

Johammer electric motorcycle


Harley Davidson made waves when its CEO said earlier this year it will produce an electric motorcycle before 2020, which confirmed previous statements.  

The Johammer J1 is another bike available in Europe only. Several riders have used them for the Wave Trophy race and brought them to electric-motorcycle group rides.  

Last March, Indian Motorcycles claimed it was working on an electric motorcycle, but the company has not made any further statements about that project since.

NOTE: Author Ben Rich has owned electric motorcycles since 2007 including a Vectrix VX1, a 2012 Zero S ZF9, a 2014 Zero SR, and a 2016 Zero SR.  He has gone for a test ride on Zeros, Alta, Harley-Davidson, and Energica electric motorcycles and is active in the electric-motorcycle community.

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