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2017 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

2017 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

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The transmission is a huge part of what makes the engine's behavior under gentle throttle at freeway speeds so impressive.

It's only when I floored the diesel engine from a standstill that the 9-speed's plethora of gears became apparent.

Under wide-open throttle, the transmission upshifts constantly, but each change is fast and smooth. This is a stellar transmission, one I can't wait to see in more Chevy products.

Chevy did miss one opportunity with the Cruze Diesel, though.

I think hybrid and electric-car manufacturers have done a great job of what I call "gamifying" efficient driving. The idea is to turn smart driving into a game that increases an owner's involvement and reinforces efficient driving habits.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid does this brilliantly, giving owners a braking score every time they come to a stop, and adding a tiny virtual tree in the instrument cluster. Go easy on both pedals, coast when possible, and as your efficiency improves, the tree starts to grow.

It's involving in a way that the Cruze's simple bar graph isn't. There's no brake score here, no reinforcement for smart driving—just a boring graph that tasks owners with trying to their best average over a set distance.

2017 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

2017 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

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Based on the Cruze LT trim level, the Diesel—that's the actual name of the model and trim level with the turbodiesel engine—gets a few unique bits from the Premier trim.

The big one is the available leather upholstery, which the LT doesn't offer. Beyond that, the Diesel outclasses the gas-powered LT with standard heated front seats, push-button start, and a power driver's seat,

Beyond that, equipment on the two cars is broadly similar, down to the available safety equipment. With the Cruze Diesel, Chevy continues its trend of limiting cutting-edge safety equipment (like adaptive cruise control) to its range-topping models.

Prices start at $26,270, including a mandatory $875 destination charge.

My test model, though, was essentially loaded, with the $1,125 Leather Package and the $2,260 Driver Confidence, Sun, and Sound Package, for an as-tested price of $29,655.

While General Motors regularly puts its powertrain engineering expertise on full display with its array of high-performance cars and ultra-capable pickups, the company's small cars have never felt like they received the same kind of attention.

The Cruze Diesel does.

It's a genuinely impressive piece of engineering. From its startlingly quiet diesel engine to its supremely competent nine-speed automatic transmission, the Cruze Diesel is a smart, efficient compact sedan.

Whether it survives and thrives in a world that's actively hostile to diesel power remains to be seen.


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