BMW just demonstrated its commitment to electric-powered vehicles by announcing an experimental Supersport electric motorcycle based on its S1000RR. 

The experimental vehicle is called the BMW eRR for electric racing replica and it was made in conjunction with the Technical University of Munich. 

The eRR shares the body styling of the aggressive S1000RR, and should support similar technical specs, though none have been divulged.

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The S1000RR puts out 198hp (146kW) at 13,500rpm and 83 ft-lbs of torque at 10,500rpm. 

It goes from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds and can out-accelerate every other BMW motorcycle up to 40mph except one: the BMW C-Evolution electric maxi-scooter (available in Europe).

BMW Motorrad eRR electric sport bike concept

BMW Motorrad eRR electric sport bike concept

With an electric motor providing full torque instantly from a stop, the C-Evolution has an advantage jumping off the line. 

Now it will be interesting to see what characteristics the electric version of the racing bike can keep from the original. 

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It might have been a good idea to go with another name besides eRR, since the meaning of the word “err” is to make a mistake.

Looking at the original S1000RR, you can see how the bodywork accentuates the shape of the motor, and some other parts necessary to an internal combustion engine. 

BMW Motorrad eRR electric sport bike concept

BMW Motorrad eRR electric sport bike concept

With an electric motor, the bodywork offers windows to show the simplicity of an electric motor.

The EICMA motorcycle show has come and gone without further news of the capabilities of this bike, BMW is keeping the details out of view of the public. 

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But BMW is developing a reputation as a leading electric vehicle manufacturer.

Perhaps this was an exercise to see how easy, or hard, it was to outfit a production motorcycle with an electric motor.

Several companies have come out with high performance electric motorcycles, notably Lightning and Energica, but neither has the dealership network that BMW has. 

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Hopefully this announcement is an indication that more development is happening behind the scenes--and that we will see a production electric motorcycle from BMW in the next few years.


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