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Renault Fluence ZE charging at Better Place pubic charge spots in Israel [photo: Brian of London]

Renault Fluence ZE charging at Better Place pubic charge spots in Israel [photo: Brian of London]

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In my eyes, Israel's government is doing nothing to support electric cars--and in some cases, actively blocking Better Place's progress. For details, see my article in the Times of Israel.

Imagine: Despite the massive private investment Better Place has made in Israel for both infrastructure and R&D, the government won't allow Ministers who request an electric car to have one (the new Health Minster has asked).

The ranks of owners are now swelling quickly, especially with many of Israel's largest companies buying or leasing Better Place cars for their employees. 

I conducted an unscientific poll of owners via the private Facebook group that many belong to. Out of 175 members, the poll was "seen by" 95 of whom 28 were very happy and 2 merely happy. No other responses.

There's not much to point out except to recall that one of Chevrolet Volt owners were 92 percent happy or very happy--the best results for any Chevy vehicle in history.

Better Place customers are pleased to see an improvement in the marketing of the car, but we still feel that public knowledge about Better Place and electric cars in general is very low.

Ads featuring real, happy owners instead of models are welcome, and having the car now on sale in shopping malls and department stores is also very good.

What could improve

There are a few in-car software improvements that could still be made. The car has no clock at all, and I'd like to see a much larger display of the time on it. Obviously range prediction can be further tweaked to improve accuracy.

There remains one major hole in Better Place's switch station network, which the company is well aware of. There were plans for switch stations closer to Israel's coastal highway that runs between Tel Aviv and Haifa, with a station just outside Haifa to the south and another closer to Tel Aviv but right on the highway.

Various problems stopped these being built, and in the current climate they won't be built anytime soon. This is a pity but journeys are still possible.

There is much more scope for municipal parking lots to add charge spots: Tel Aviv is well served, but Jerusalem and Haifa are far behind. It's hoped the lobbying group will help address this. Again, this largely isn't the fault of Better Place, which is ready to put in new Level 2 charge spots as and when property owners ask for them.

Most present owners accept the range limitations of the current car, but we do feel that slightly improved range (especially up to the 100 miles discussed before the Fluence ZE was delivered) would make life a little easier--and widen the appeal of the car.

But that's a common story among electric-car owners: once you've lived with daily recharging at home, range issues largely melt away.


Overall, I'm very happy to have switched to an electric car as early as I did. I wouldn't be driving one today if it weren't for Better Place: I couldn't accept the range limitations without the kind of infrastructure we have in Israel.

An 85-kWh Tesla Model S is the only electric car that could have covered all but one of my journeys this year. But it costs far more than my Renault.

I've saved money, and I've more than enjoyed it: I honestly feel the car is worth more in this market than it costs today.

I wouldn't swap my car today for anything on sale in Israel.

Brian of London emigrated from the UK to Israel in 2009. He owns and operates his own import company in Israel with more than 15 staff. Today he regularly blogs at about life in Israel, technology & business topics and, lately, his electric-car driving experiences.


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