Has a slow, heavy, wedge-shaped car with no paint ever captured public fascination like the DeLorean DMC-12?

Sure, a pretty successful movie introduced the car to a global audience. But even without the Back To The Future series, those gullwing doors and its steely shine cemented the car as an all-time automotive icon.

Now, 30 years after original production began, an electric-car company says it will pair with DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) to produce a limited run of all-electric DMC-12 cars by 2013, acccording to Jalopnik


DMC and Epic EV debuted the planned model, dubbed the DMCEV, at the International DeLorean Owners Event in Houston this past weekend.

From the looks of things, DMC will provide support and original parts, combined with updated technology, while Epic EV brings the battery power.

The original DMC-12 infamously suffered from an underpowered engine in a heavy car. But with Epic EV’s experience with electric motors, DMC fans the world over may finally see performance befitting the legendary DeLorean name.

Please roll your tongue back into your mouth before continuing.

It’s a fascinating partnership with a brilliant goal: Use modern technology to bring an old favorite back to th… No, no, never mind. I won’t say it.

But truthfully, if the DMCEV plan comes to fruition, the 2013 version may be a more fitting tribute to the vision of John DeLorean than the car he actually produced. The DMC-12 aimed to be a glimpse into the future, a benchmark of design and performance available to the masses, a true driver’s machine.

DeLorean - top

DeLorean - top

Whether the DMC-12 ultimately accomplished those goals or not is up for debate – smart money is on “No” – but there is new life in the mission with the DMCEV.

Battery power will provide instant torque and claims of a sub-5 second 0-to-60-mph time indicate performance the DMC-12 could never have hoped to deliver. Combined with modern, lighter body materials, DMCEV performance will almost assuredly be leaps and bounds above its predecessor.

More importantly, the DMCEV could bring the remaining electric car naysayers into the present day. The dream of the DMC-12 has been revived by the magic of battery power, and perhaps that will be enough to excite even the most fervent Prius-haters.

Expect to hear the phrase “Now THIS is an electric car I can get behind” in the coming years.

Electric cars have always been the future, but maybe we just needed to look to the past to confirm it.


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