Ten Songs To Cruise To In Your New Electric Car

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Ever since the first car radio--let alone the in-car record player and drive-time radio--there have been few finer places to listen to your favorite tunes than from the driver's seat of your car.
So far, though, amidst all the pounding rock and funky pop music, nobody seems to have considered the electric car when trying to write their next hit song.

To make up for this oversight, we've come up with a list of 10 songs perfect for that road trip in your 2011 Nissan Leaf (or 2011 Chevrolet Volt--while it's running in battery mode).

(1) Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six

Although you might want to keep away from warning labels under the hood that display words like this, the crazy Electric Six might have you cranking up the volume for their well-known hit. Guaranteed to drain your battery quicker than any other song...
(2) My Generation by The Who

Well, you're going to have to get that electricity somehow, aren't you? What better way than to generate it yourself? What's that? Oh, right, The Who were singing about a youth movement. Still, there's a message in there somewhere.
(3) Electrolite by REM

What better place to listen to Michael Stipe's mournful and dulcet tones than in a nice, quiet electric vehicle? Even if you have trouble understanding what he's actually singing about, at least you'll be able to hear him. (He's misspelled electrolyte, but we'll let that pass.)
(4) She's Electric by Oasis

"She's Electric, she's in a family full of eccentrics"--and that's just the first line of Britpop indie band Oasis' hit. Some might say electric car buyers are a bit eccentric, though most of the time we just roll with it.

Electric Avenue street sign, Venice, CA, by Flickr user brookewill

Electric Avenue street sign, Venice, CA, by Flickr user brookewill

(5) Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant

It'd be hard to imagine Eddy rocking down Electric Avenue in near silence, but electric cars are at their very best cruising through city streets.
(6) Live Wire by AC/DC

You'll also need to make sure you have AC/DC's album High Voltage loaded in your car to hear this song. But please be sure your home charger is well insulated, so there aren't any live wires to put you on the Highway to Hell.
(7) Are Friends Electric? by Gary Numan

Gary liked his Cars, so we wonder if he'd feel as safe behind the wheel of the new 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5? It might cheer him up a bit. Maybe this synthesized special will drown out the noises new laws may require your EV to produce....

(8) Together in Electric Dreams by Phil Oakley

I'm sure Marty Padgett is dreaming about when his 2011 Nissan Leaf will finally be delivered. Maybe that's what Phil was singing about? It'd also explain the line "Though you're miles and miles away, I see you every day." Must be referring to Nissan's constant promotion of the 2011 Leaf, taunting those who've put down deposits.

(9) Power by Kanye West

Not perhaps one of the great musical works, but Kanye's opening line of "I'm livin' in the 21st century" is encouraging. Perhaps he'd trade in that wrecked Porsche Panamera for an EV in his no-doubt-huge automotive fleet?
(10) Doll Dagga Buzz Buzz Ziggety Zag by Marilyn Manson

Surely the only explanation for a song title like that is an unfortunate charging incident? It might also explain why Marilyn is looking rather pale these days.

Electric Car video, by They Might Be Giants

Electric Car video, by They Might Be Giants

(Special Bonus Track!) Electric Car by They Might Be Giants

And finally, this bouncy little pop anthem from the experimental alt-rock band TMBG surfaced last summer, complete with clever video. Rumor had it that this was the preferred choice over what eventually became the dreadful Volt Dance song, about which we shall say no more.

So put your car on charge while you fill up your iPod ... and then get out for a drive. When that Little Red Corvette is running on electricity, you'll have the perfect playlist.

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